China will spend 375 billion dollars for highway and rail investment this year

China will spend $ 1 billion on 375 for highway and rail investment this year: China is trying to prevent economic growth from slowing down. Therefore, in 2016 375 will invest billion dollars on the highway and railway.
China will spend 2016 billion dollars on 375 road and rail investments in order to prevent the slowing of economic growth.
At the annual meeting of the China National Congress, Prime Minister Li Kinciang presented a study report on the five-year economic development plan.
According to Li's report, infrastructure investments in the country will increase by 10,5. China will spend 1,65 trillion yuan (253 billion dollars) on highway infrastructure investments this year to prevent economic slowdown, and also spend about 800 billion yuan (122 billion dollars) for railways. In addition, the 20 water conservation project and the 50 new airport were also included in the economic plan.
After the announcement of infrastructure investments for the transportation sector, the share price of Chinese logistics companies traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange increased by approximately 5.

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