3rd bridge will serve Başakşehir

  1. The bridge will benefit Başakşehir: 3. A large part of the highway project of the bridge passes through Başakşehir district.

One of the most important projects carried out in Turkey in recent times is experiencing significant developments in the North Marmara Motorway. Some of the connection roads that will provide access to the highway and the North Marmara Motorway, which are still under construction and project design by the General Directorate of Highways, pass through the borders of Başakşehir Municipality.

Construction plans for the Istoç connection road project, which is under construction in Başakşehir district, have been suspended. If no objection is encountered within 30 days, the plan will be suspended. And the work will continue at full speed. The size of the project, which will be completed with the 3rd bridge to 4,5 billion TL, consists of 421 kilometers. The project, which was implemented with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, covers the bridge between Odayeri Paşaköy and the 3rd bridge.


  • Starting from the Odayeri junction, after the Paşaköy junction, with a 60 km long 2 × 4 lane highway section,
  • Starting from the Odayeri junction, to connect to the existing Mahmutbey west junction with the necessary arrangement, approximately 22 kilometers of 2 × 4 lane highway connection road,
  • Approximately 13 kilometers 2 × 4 lane highway connecting road starting from Reşadiye junction to Çamlık junction,
  • In the highway section between Odayeri-Paşaköy, the length of 2 thousand 164 meters, the middle span of which is approximately 408 meters, the 2 × 4 lane highway and the 2 × 1 lane railway crossing are planned on the same platform, before the 3rd bridge, after the Uskumruköy intersection, Riva, Hüseyinli , Reşadiye, Alemdağ, Paşaköy crossroads.
  • Reşadiye junction connecting the connection way Umraniye connection, while leaving the Odayeri junction and extending to the western junction of the current Mahmutbet connecting the way Fenlar Fenertepe, Başakşehir, Başakşehir Center, İkitelli and İstoç Organized Industrial Zone and İstoç TEM junction are located.


Between Odayeri-Paşaköy: 60 kilometers (2 × 4 lanes) (59 meters in cross section, 1408 meters in middle cross section (including the 2164rd Bosphorus Bridge with 2 × 5 lanes with a total length of 3 meters)

Mahmutbey Interchange-Odayeri Interchange: 22 kilometers 2 × 4 lanes

Reşadiye Interchange-Çamlık (Ümraniye) Interchange: 13 kilometers 2 × 4 lanes

Total Investment Cost of the Project: 4,446 billion TL (Total investment amount of the whole highway including connection roads)


  1. Built on the Bosphorus Bridge and North Marmara Motorway Project, the viaducts occupy an important place on the 116 kilometer. The 13,5 kilometer of the motorway passes over the viaducts. 64 viaduct 48'da work is being completed. Some of the viaducts reach a height of 85 meters.


Work is expected to be completed in next August. When the project is completed, Odayeri - İkitelli and Paşaköy - Çamlık connection roads will provide connections of the highway with the city and also relieve the heavy traffic on the TEM Highway.

  • What do you mean, the zoning plan is suspended?

The boundaries of the layout scheme are determined to cover all or part of one or more provincial boundaries, which include administrative, spatial and functional integrity. By establishing cooperation with the related administrations, it can transfer the related administrations within the planning limit determined by the Ministries. It is imperative that metropolitan municipalities or governorships jointly carry out the whole of the city, areas of urban development and environmental plans in line with the coordination of the Ministries. Environmental plan plans come into force with the approval of the Ministries. A plan approved in a region is sent to the relevant administration, establishment and organization and announced for a period of one month. Within the period of suspension, real and legal persons, institutions and organizations may appeal to the plan decisions. If the objection is appealed, the objection is sent to the ministry and evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the regulation and is concluded.



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