The cost of illegal crossing from the 3rd Bridge will burn

  1. The cost of illegal crossing from the bridge will burn: The third bridge to Istanbul was completed last week. With the opening, tolls on the bridge began to become clear. Crossing the bridge costs $ 3 for small cars and $ 9 for large cars. In this case, the penalty will be very high for illegal passers. Those who illegally cross the bridge and enter the highway may have to pay an illegal crossing fee of up to 800 lira.
    The third bridge to Istanbul was completed last week. Together with the opening, tolls started to become clear.
    3 dollars for small cars crossing the bridge, 9 dollars for large cars. In this case, the penalty for those who pass the bridge will be too big. Passengers who cross the bridge and enter the motorway may have to pay a leakage fee up to 800.
    With the new HGS arrangement on the bridge crossings, drivers who pass the illegal pay ten times the bridge fee.
  2. Considering the bridge tolls, it is seen that the penalty for illegal crossings will be quite large.
  3. The small cars in the bridge crossing will pay 3 dollars so the 9 lira trucks and buses 15 dollars so pay 45 lira.
    In this case, when the leakage is calculated as ten times the 90 for cars and 180 lira for trucks and buses.
    However, there is also the possibility of going on the highway and going on the run.
    Thus, considering the tolls to be paid for the motorway, a table emerges.
    Drivers on the motorway will pay 0,08 dollars per kilometer, ie 0,8 cents.
    At best 320 will pay 25,6 dollars for a drive, leading to the road leading to the km.
    Because the leak is passed, the penalty will be 10 for the 256 dollar, so the 768 will be worth the dollar.
    North Marmara Motorway (including 3. Bosphorus Bridge) Kınalı-Odayeri section which is currently under tender is 149 kilometers.
    After the bridge, Kurtköy Akyazi section is 187 kilometers.
    In total, the highway is at the 336 kilometer.
    Vehicle Price (DOLAR)
    Car 3
    Heavy Duty 15
    Highway 0.08 (per Km)
    Those who pass without paying the tolls, those who duly paid the toll within the 15 day following the transition date without payment, will not be applied as a 10 floor.
    IC İçtaş – 3 which is part of Northern Marmara Motorway Project to be built by Astaldi JV. after the construction of the bridge will print almost money.
    3 will cost $ 1 billion in the project, which will be commissioned in August. 3. The construction of the bridge and highway is the Treasury guarantee for the 3 bin car pass every day, including the 135 dollars per vehicle when the construction is complete.
    Thus, the daily income of the bridge will be at least 405 thousand dollars (1.1 million TL). This figure will find 15 dollars in heavy vehicles.
    10 ribbon
    There are 4 departures, 4 arrivals and 2 rail lines.
    59 meters
    Total width of the bridge
    1408 meters
    Length of the bridge over the sea
    Number of workers working in the bridge project
    History of the construction of the bridge
    3 billion dollars
    Total cost of the bridge project
    2 tower
    The length of the towers is 322 meters on the European side and 318 meters in Asia.
    116 km
  4. Bosphorus Bridge and the length of the road constructed in the Northern Marmara Highway Project

Year Vehicle (million pieces)

2006 139
2007 147
2008 146
2009 144
2010 148
2011 151
2012 149
2013 152
2014 150
2015 141
The 24 throat bridge, where thousands of workers and engineers work without 3 hours, will be the world's largest bridge when finished with a width of 59 meters. 8 strip highway 2 will be the 10 meter of the length of the total 1408 lane bridge on the sea as the lane rail. The total length of the bridge is 2 thousand 164 meters. With this feature, the bridge will be the longest suspension bridge in the world. The bridge also marks a new record in the length of the bridge towers.
The height of the tower in Garipçe on the European side is 322, while the height of the tower on the Anatolian side of Poyrazköy is 318 meters.
After the completion of the project, Atatürk Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and the new 3rd Airport will also be connected to each other with the rail system to be integrated with Marmaray and Istanbul Metro. The Northern Marmara Highway and the 3rd Bosphorus bridge are carried out with the "Build, operate, transfer" model.

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