3. Bridge Blows House Prices in Garipçe

  1. Bridge Blows House Prices in Garipçe: 3. In the village of Garipçe, where the bridge's feet rise, house prices have skyrocketed. Mevlüde Kamburoğlu, the owner of the house with a view of the Bosphorus and the bridge, sells his wooden mansion for 5 million lira.

Garipçe village is right at the end of the Bosphorus's gate to the Black Sea. The only source of income for the village people is fishing. Garipçeliler takes their bread out of the sea in summer and winter in boats of various sizes. They chase anchovies and bonito in boats equipped with purse seiners for 6 months of the year, and they hunt turbot in open waters in March-April. Days without fish are a nightmare for them. Because of the land structure, they cannot do anything else. For Garipçe, sea is the only direction where fortune and bread are. But now there is a huge fish for them.


For the first time in its history, fortune came to Garipçe. The European legs of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge were built near the village of Garipçe. As the feet rose, so did the land and house prices in the village. When the two sides of the Bosphorus came together for the third time over Garipçe, this small fishing village became the most popular renting place in Istanbul. Fishing houses now start from 200 thousand liras, but still only one house is for sale, and it is a wooden mansion in ruins.


I ask the young people we talked to in the village square for the price of the mansion that says 'For Sale'. They say it's $ 2 and a half million. Of course, other expenses await the owner of the money. The two-story wooden mansion with a giant garden needs repair. There are many beautiful houses that climb up the mountain from the sea like stairs, but I caught my eye on the mansion, "Whose place is this?" I ask. Seyfulah Kaplan, one of the young people, points to a small house overlooking the Bosphorus, like an Eagle's nest, saying, "It's your aunt Mevlüde." We reach Mevlüde's house by crossing the beach and climbing the rocks. Mevlüde Kamburoğlu, 77, was born and raised in Garipçeli. His wife was also a fisherman and passed away. Now his sons, who own the boat, go fishing. He is afraid of us, but we have been friends with fishermen for years. I say some names, it is relieved. “I was born here, grew up, got married. I have 7 children and 18 grandchildren. My grandchildren also have children. I live alone in this house. " says.


Rumeli Fortress is called Boğazkesen. One-storey house of Aunt Mevlüde is such a house. The house is at a point overlooking the Bosphorus from the entrance of the Black Sea to the 3rd Bridge feet. It was placed on the rocks like an eagle's nest. I ask aunt Mevlüde about the wooden mansion first. “The kids have decided, we are selling. This is the largest house in the village. Wood is huge, it was also in my childhood. It is so old, ”he says. "What is the price?" I say. Mevlüde aunt pauses, “Children know, but expensive 5 million lira” she cuts off. He's not very willing to talk, but ”is this house for sale? I say. The Black Sea is thundering with its fury. “No it's not for sale, don't you see! I'm sitting." I see that he will fire us, I bring the word to the 3rd Bridge. "The atmosphere of the village changes now," I say. Mevlüde aunt gets a little sad, “My age is 80. What can I do now? Children, grandchildren think. " she sighs. Mevlüde aunt filled soil in oil and pickle cans in her rocky garden and grows lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers in her tiny garden.

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