3.Köprü Başakşehir connection road new development plan suspended

3.Köprü Başakşehir connection road new zoning plan suspended: 3.Köprü and the North Marmara Motorway Project in the town of Başakşehir rapidly ongoing construction of the new project for the Istoc Connection connection was suspended.

1 / 5000 scale master plan and 1 / 5000 scale implementation plan prepared for 1 / 1000 scale Başakşehir District-İstoç connection prepared for North Marmara Highway Project in Istanbul Başakşehir region and 30 were suspended during the day.

On the official website of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the suspension report for the new zoning plan on 25 March, the 25 2016 30 will be suspended during the day until April XNUMX.

Information on the plans suspended in the Ministry included the following statements;


The 14.03.2016 date and 4039 of our Ministry attached to the annex of the Ministry of North Marmara Highway Project and approved 1 / 5000 scale Başakşehir District-Istoc Connection Master and Implementation Plan Amendments on the changes of the Istoc-OSB junction for the south-east direction of the junction road shift Plans prepared by the General Directorate of Highways are subject to the Decree Law no. 644, 6306 on the Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk and 3194 No. 9. NIPD-17849,2 and UIPD-17854,2 plan operation number has been approved by our Ministry on 14.03.2016 date.

The plan was suspended on the website of the Directorate of Environment and Urbanization by 3194 8 (25.03.2016 days) in accordance with the 23.04.2016 / b clause of the Development Law numbered 30.

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