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2017 Tram in 2023 Metro: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the last 2 years in the AK Party Provincial Advisory Council told his work. Karaosmanoğlu X 2 We have realized 77% of our promises years ago. We're going to take the tram at 2017. Our goal is to travel by metro in 2023 Hedef.

AK Party's 87.Il Advisory Meeting was held yesterday at Antikkapı Restaurant. In the intensive consultation, AK Party Kocaeli deputies Radiye Sezer Katırcıoğlu, İlyas Şeker, Zeki Aygün, Sami Çakır, Cemil Yaman, Kocaeli Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Mayor of İzmit. Nevzat Dogan, the AK Party provincial chairman Şemsettin Ceyhan and joined many parties. Ak Parti Provincial Chairman Şemsettin Ceyhan, who made the opening speech, said: Il After the consultative councils we held in 12 district, we will hold our provincial advisory council meeting this evening. I'm tired of watching the work of our mayors. Now we have done everything promised in the November elections of 1. 3 could not do it in 30 per year.

Since we first came into office, Turkey's Ceyhan are called Kocaeli Organization, "the first of Kocaeli's Kartepe Organization this month, Turkey was the second Başiskele organization. Our training starts in April. At Derbent Hotel, we will be teaching 3 hourly, new constitution, presidential system. We will also give an organization course. At the end of these trainings, we will provide training to our organization in the vicinity of 2 bin 500. Bu Following Ceyhan, AK Party Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker said, “We made budget talks as deputies. We approved 571 Billion TL. Almost half of this budget goes to investments. Prior to the AK Party government, this money was going to interest payments. In this sense, how much praise we have. We have allocated the 19 of the budget only for training. 2002'da 9'da the number allocated for education, '' he said.

CHP People are coming

Şekerbank said that health services are the second most common share of the budget. L We have fulfilled our promises as a government when allocating budget for investment and human services. By the end of this month, we will realize everything we promise with the 100, Bu he said. Şeker said, im Today, our Mayor İbrahim Karosmanoğlu will talk about the world city of Kocaeli. But I think this presentation should be done in the open air CHP also have to see. CHP still continues to ignore the work done. Many years ago, when the sewers from the Gulf were flowing, we should tell them about Kocaeli, a city in the world city. Bundan

Later, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, said the following. Seçimler 2014 2 year has passed since the elections of the municipality. During this time, we worked hard for all our promises to our fellow townsmen. In a short period of two years, we completed the 77 of our pre-election promises. In addition, we are very happy to implement many investments that we have never expressed in our election campaign. The rest of the 23 project is still working on the project. In accordance with the 2023 and 2071 vision of our country, we are committed to completing all the works that we have promised to our citizens with the permission of Allah. Kocaeli's 25 annual dream, the light rail system continues to count down. Between the bus station and Sekapark, the two-way route will take place in the Akçaray tram line. In 2017, people in Kocaeli will enjoy the journey by tram. X


Karaosmanoğlu said, “Work continues at 7 junctions such as Izmit Outlet Junction and Dilovası Eynerce Junction. Project works for 12 crossroads of intersections and tunnels are ongoing. In the 4th stage of the Derince Alternative Road, the first viaduct study of the Metropolitan, the project's two neighborhoods got together. Kobis is a system developed to facilitate access to the city within the borders of Kocaeli, to create intermediate opportunities that nurture public transportation systems, and to encourage the use of an environmental and sustainable means of transportation. There are 18 stations starting from Köseköy, Alikahya, Yıldız Houses and Yahya Kaptan and continuing up to the Beach Road. At our stations, there are 8 bicycle parking units, at least 15 and 208 at the most. You could deliver the bike bought from any station to another station you want. ”


Karaosmanoğlu also mentioned the new walkways and said, oğlu The speed of the Metropolitan has never been stopped in walking, cycling and coastal projects. Izmit Coastal Walkway, ÇayırovaCağdaşkent Walkway, Karamürsel Dereköy Walkway, Kandıra-Kefken Forest Camp Walkway meet the intense interest of the citizens. Dilovası Municipality Building and the City Square were completed within the scope of the city squares building in 12 district. Karamürsel and Başiskele'da construction has come to the final point. Kartepe and Kandira city squares are also projected and work will begin. Bay Hereke Beach Camp and Karamursel Coast Arrangement, Kandira Kerpe Pasaagzi Beach, Gebze Tatlikuyu Valley, Izmit Sekapark 3. Stage completed. Dilovası Bayraktepe, Başiskele Aytepe Resurrection Camp, Gebze Beylikbağı Urban Forest and Kandıra Karpasa Coast are under construction and are planned to be cultivated this summer. Also in Kandıra Miço Bay a women's beach will take place this summer ım.


Karaosmanoğlu, yapı 2 1.093 kilometer infrastructure work including drinking water, rain water and sewerage was carried out annually. Drinking water In the SCADA, the number of stations increased from 32 to 206. Drinking water treatment was carried out in Siretiye and Şevketiye villages of Gölcük, and biological treatment plant was established in Balçık village of Gebze. Dilovası and Başiskele Kullar are continuing the construction of wastewater treatment plants. In order to recycle wastewater and introduce it to the industry, Grisu facilities have been implemented in Izmit and the Gulf. Atık Talking about social services in his speech, Karaosmanoğlu concluded his words as follows. Ediy From 7 to 70, the Metropolitan Municipality serves all areas of life for the people of Kocaeli; 6. Social projects such as Tablet Computer Distribution, Kocaeli Book Fair, Informatics, KO-MEK, Milk for Mothers, Disability Transfer Service, Patient Transport Service, Food and Clothing Defined 41 Card, Village Common Bakery continued. Academy High School offered the opportunity to prepare for high school students both in university and in the temperature of the school. The goal of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to make our city a world-wide vision will continue without losing momentum with new projects. Kocaeli



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