Light rail system for the development of the NEU

The light rail system is a must for the development of the NEU: Rector of Yüzüncü Yıl University. Dr. The Peyami Battal Van is an equilibrium point for Turkey, he said that the strengthening of Turkey mean the strengthening of Van.
He is the guest of M. Salih Geçken at Tutku Radyo. Dr. Battal, Van, since the date of a very different potential, stating, "the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid and Reşat'in Van to establish a university wants to establish a potential due to the geographic and strategic position of Van, he said.
Ir The light rail system is perhaps one of the most important needs of Van. We are talking about a project that will completely relax Van. We have about 30 thousand students and a hospital with 700 beds. Our students who want to stay or stay in Edremit, our patients who want to reach our hospital in a more practical way, have had demands from us to implement such a project. Considering these demands, we thought that the Light Rail system would be more useful in this regard. We talked about the importance of light rail system to our Minister of Transportation Mr. Binali Yildirim in our process of honorary doctorate. We told them that this project will contribute to the development of the NIC and that the mobility between the city and the university will increase. When we look at our Minister very moderate, we started to work on the project. We have prepared our field project. Since our Minister came to Van a few days ago, we were able to provide information about the project by giving brief information about the project. We will inform them in the office together with two other projects out of this project next week. Prime Minister our former deputy Van Deputy Bashir Bey also gave information about this project. We know that Beşir Bey will support this project. Beş
Izı We had already started our work on the light rail system. We have prepared a project of 24 kilometers from Edremit Water Sports Center to our hospital. There will be two scissors from Siale Street and Sihke Street and a relationship with the city by throwing scissors at Iskele Street. This project will have a positive and positive effect on transportation in our city. I know the support of our Ministers and our deputies from Van. We know the support that Binali Bey gave to the projects from Van. When this project is realized in a short time, we will see the results together. Bu
I The university is disconnected from the city. ” Especially in cities such as size scale Van, universities need to make more contributions. After acting as the Rector, we acted with this perception. In our relations with the city, I believe that we offer a certain level of clan with the projects we prepared in our relations with the problems of the city. We have very important projects about the development of the city. I believe that the university has fulfilled its duty in this respect. Ünivers

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