Skiing Course for Poor Children

Skiing Course for Poor Children: Erzurum Yakutiye District Governorate, Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate, Yakutiye Youth Services and Sports District Directorate and Yakutiye District Governorate organized a free skiing course for disadvantaged children who lacked social security by SYDV.

Halitpaşa Secondary School, 50. 60 students from Year Middle School and Mecidiye Elementary School organized a free skiing course as a report card. The Yakutiye Youth Services and Sports District Directorate also organized a free basic training ski course for students close to 40 from the ISE Inonu Secondary School. Total 100 students learn free skiing by taking advantage of the facilities provided for them. Erzurum Yakutiye Kaymakamı Ahmet Naci Helvacı's free skiing course is provided by the coaches Ahmet Aktaş in the Palandöken Ski Center and under the supervision of Ömer Said Alaeddinoğlu and Yunus Sadır.

Yakutiye Youth Services and Sports District Manager Suat Yılmaz said: “With the support of Yakutiye District Governorship, GHSIM Directorate and Yakutiye SYDV Directorate, we have signed an important social responsibility project. We have organized a free ski course for our disadvantaged children who lack social security as a report card gift, and we give the children ski equipment. We take the students to Palandöken Ski Center every morning in front of the Curling Hall with a shuttle service and provide them to learn skiing there under the supervision of our experienced coaches.

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