Channel Istanbul Project will be changed with BOT model

Channel Istanbul Project will be changed with BOT model
The preparatory work on the Kanal Istanbul Project, which will connect the Black Sea and Marmara Denzi with an artificial strait, continues.
Journal of InvestmentsAccording to the information; The route of the project to be awarded with Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT) model will change due to geological structures, natural sites, underground water resources and pastures. At this stage, the work is expected to be completed. With the project planned to be 45 kilometers long, the ship traffic will also be relieved.
The width of the channel is 400 meters, the depth at 25 meters focus. The canal will be constructed to allow passage of large ships. According to the clear details of the project, a new city will be established on both sides of. In this city, where a total of 500 people are expected to live, the buildings will not be more than 6 floors. A total 6 bridge will be installed on the channel. The 4 of Be bridges will be the main highway route. The project is expected to be implemented at a cost exceeding $ 20 billion.
Reference: Investments 1223 / 09 M. 2015 (DA)

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