Yahya Captain residents made a press release

Yahya Captain residents made a press release: Yahya Captain residents, who made an action for about 1 weeks against the cutting of trees within the scope of the tram project, made a press statement. ”We have lost, but we've won each other, Mah said local residents.
Within the scope of the tram project, the residents of Yahya Kaptan neighborhood, who opposed the cutting of trees and carried out an action for about 1 weeks, reunited and made a press statement. Atilla Yüceak made the statement on behalf of the neighborhoods gathered at the Prestij Café located in Yahya Kaptan. Yüceak said, gibi We were a few people, but we've never been trivial. We have lost what we have lost, but we can proudly say with honor that we have won. We won each other. We won the trust of the people of Yahya Captain. We took our trees. We took care of our living spaces. Our children's playgrounds have owned the gardens. 3-5 was not the massacre of the tree, the event went on for many years, rantci traffic terrorism. We won. We have ensured that the 2 meters were taken from the right and left of the road ve.
Atilla Yüceak, who was assigned to Ahmet Mirzaoğlu, the headman of Yahya Kaptan Mahallesi, said: yap The guys and the headmen of the collective building management should be ashamed in the face of this success. So, when we resisted, we were able to back down. I wish he'd come in before the people of the neighborhood, He wouldn't hide from the neighborhood people. We disobeyed this erroneous route and ensured its correction. We were right, we made sense, and we made it back. Sometimes it is humanity to resist with honor for a single tree. Kim

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