When the Tramway Road in Antalya is Forgotten, a Lane of the Crossroads Made Two Months Ago, Is Removed

When the Tramway Road in Antalya was Forgotten, One Lane of the Intersection Made Two Months Ago: When the passage road at the entrance of Aksu district of the tram, which was built to serve EXPO 2016 in Antalya, which will start in April, was forgotten, one lane of the 2-lane road at the crossroad with the bridge, which was put into service 3 months ago .
When the transit road at the entrance of Aksu district of the tram, which was built to serve EXPO 2016, which will start in April in Antalya, was forgotten, one lane of the 2-lane road at the bridged intersection, which was put into service 3 months ago, was removed. 18 kilometers in length Turkey's most expensive rail failure in the system project "comedy" that qualifies as Antalya Chamber of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Chairman Cem Oguz, narrowing the road drew attention to after experiencing more accidents.
Following the scandal in the second stage project of the Antalya Rail System, the tender of which was completed by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications on September 9, 2015, work has begun at the crossroads in Aksu district. The right and left lanes of the three-lane bridge intersection were canceled and reserved for tramway passage. At the Aksu bridge intersection, a 5-kilometer long vehicle queue started to form due to road works and lane reduction works.
Cem Oğuz, President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, stated that nothing so funny and comedy could happen, “When we first brought the issue to the agenda, there was no explanation. Later, the Regional Director of Highways made a statement. He said that they will reduce the 3-lane road on the bridge to 2 lanes. If you are going to drop this place into 2 lanes, why did you overpass? " said.
Reminding that bridge intersections are built to relieve traffic and prevent accidents, Oğuz noted that if this road falls from 3 lanes to 2 lanes, more accidents may occur in the region. Stating that the drivers will come by speeding on the divided road but the road will suddenly narrow and fall into two lanes, Oğuz said, “Also, there will be a lot of vehicle queues here. However, they could have resolved this at the project stage before they went out to tender. The Ministry of Transport is building the rail system. The overpass is doing the Roadways. I interpret it as uncoordinated. If you reduce the divided road from 3 lanes to 2 lanes, you cannot avoid accidents. " he spoke.
Expressing that the tram will turn right after passing the Aksu bridge and wondering what kind of system they will establish there, Oğuz claimed that the vehicles coming from the highway will face the rail system directly. Stating that the biggest problem will be experienced here, Oğuz completed his words as follows: “There is a pedestrian overpass, there is a problem in his feet. They will also go to a renovation. Where will they put the stop here? Will Durak be outside Aksu? Will people walk out of Aksu? After passing the overpass, there will be a problem of level crossing. "
The tender of the 18-kilometer-long tramway that will connect Antalya Meydan and the EXPO area in Aksu district was concluded on September 9, 2015. Makyol İnşaat won the tender, in which seven companies participated, for 249 million 857 thousand TL, which is approximately 10 million TL more, instead of 259 million 498 thousand TL, which was announced as the estimated price. While 1 kilometer of the project cost 14.4 million liras, this figure was calculated as 22,3 million lira on the 8.1 kilometers long Izmir line, 4.1 million on the same length Eskişehir line, 13 million on the 6.4-kilometer Samsun line and 16,5 million on the 4.3-kilometer Kayseri line.



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