Uzunköprü trains are on the agenda of TBMM

Uzunköprü trains are on the agenda of the Grand National Assembly: Bircan: binler Japan keeps the train line open for 1 passengers, TCDD is causing thousands of passengers. M
Republican People's Party deputy from Edirne are you Bircan Republic of Turkey State Railways TCDD as a new start 'Uzunköprü-Çerkezköy'and' Kapikule-Çerkezköy'React to stop the trains by February 15 2016 date, "for a single line kept open while students in Japan 3 years, which have both line losses are thousands of people benefit from shutting down the grounds. This situation is unacceptable. Bu
CHP Erdin Bircan TCDD's' Uzunköprü-Çerkezköy'and' Kapikule-Çerkezköy'Trains by that remove 1 March xnumx't to, 2013 stated that in October xnumx't in the open again and 20 February 2015 date as of removed again, "over the years 15 through the opening remaining closed line with the alleged damage before even 2016 months is closed again" he said.
Erdin Bircan, who carried the issue to the agenda of the Parliament, gave a question to the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım.
The reasons for the motion bircan October 20 2015 date of the satisfaction of the line due to the opening of a ceremony arranged in Tekirdag start again the next time that this line officials voiced Recalling the decision Uzunköprü. Çerkezköy and said it was an injustice to the people of Edirne.
Although TCDD is a damaging organization,Çerkezköy'and' Kapikule-Çerkezköy'Lines you are underlining that the debate be closed on the same grounds Bircan, "TCDD uses many of our compatriots when closing these two lines, one high school student in Japan is to keep the line open for. Line operated by Japan Railways line for three years, not a single high school student girl victims are operating at a loss, and even the train station on arrival and departure times are set according to the girl's school hours. "He said.
Erdin Bircan, who also made a statement on the subject, said: c Japan 3 has been losing its costs for 1 students for years but TCDD is closing the lines that thousands of passengers travel. This is not an application that can be accepted, saying, "that you lost a lot of lines in Turkey and added that it is an organization that has already hurt the TCDD. Hat TCDD, which has a public duty, has forgotten this and closes the train lines going to my election zone. The reason is the damage. While losses continue to be operated in Turkey, but a lot of lines "are you Bircan he noted that Japan should take the example of TCDD. Bircan, the Mayor of Uzunköprü CHP, pointed out that Enis İşbilen, the Mayor of İnanç Sülüş, and the Mayor of Enis İşbilen made a press statement regarding the cancellation of the train lines. En Our organization and the municipality made a press statement with the wide participation of our people. They also launched a petition to reopen train lines. Tren
Bircan proposal,
Ö - TCDD 'Uzunköprü-Çerkezköy'and' Kapikule-ÇerkezköyWhy did he cancel his lines?
- Considering that this line was closed even though it has not been 4 months since its reopening, how many similar applications have been made? Which are these lines?
- How many of the lines TCDD operates on it harms? Which are these lines?
- Does TCDD close all the lines it harms?
- How many lines has TCDD closed until today? What are the reasons for closing these lines?
- How much money has been spent for the ceremony for reopening the lines on 20 October 2015?
- How many passengers used these two lines in less than 4 months that the line was open?
- Isn't TCDD an organization working for public benefit?
- Considering that Japan keeps one line open for a single student, how do you evaluate the closure of 2 lines that thousands of people use? " sought answers to his questions.

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