Protests of travel hikes

Protests to the transportation hikes Akbil jumped from the turnstile: A group of members of the Freedom and Democracy Party, IETT, Bus Co., Private Public Buses, rail and sea transportation systems to protest the hike to pay the fee went through the card printing.
ODP group protesting transportation hikes in Istanbul, after the toll from the tolls went through the press tundra. Activists jumping over the turnstile, 'Akbil jump turnstile jump' threw the slogan.
With the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center, a group of members of the Freedom and Democracy Party was protested by increasing wages in IETT, Otobüs AS, Private Public Buses, rail and sea transportation systems. The group gathered at the entrance of the metrobus stop of Mecidiyeköy and made 'sound extraction'. ODP members who opened a banner at the entrance of the stall then protested with whistles and applause. Activists who turn to the turnstile after the press release, 'Akbil jump turnstile jump' he held the tempo. No intervention was made to the ÖDP's who jumped over the turnstile. Activists to ride on the metrobus also advised the citizens not to press akbil.
Dı In Istanbul where 14 million people live, transportation fees were raised with the decision of IMM Transportation Coordination Center. 31 includes the tariff tariff IETT, Special Rights Buses, Rail System and City Lines. In addition, taxis and minibuses will be applied to the price increase. The transportation of IMM by the IMM has become an ordeal to the people of Istanbul every day with a crowded unqualified expensive public transport concept. While there is a serious decline in oil prices all over the world, transportation raises in our share in the period of AKP government are taking place. Dünyadaki
The current graded rate tariff for the Metrobust was also adjusted according to the new tariff. One, two, three, five, ten pass cards and coin fees remained the same price.
With the decision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), the tariff of İETT, Otobüs A.Ş. and Private Public Buses and rail and sea transportation systems was reorganized. 31.01.2016 The new ticket will be valid from Sunday. The full-month blue card is determined as 2,30 TL, the discount student's monthly blue card is 1,15 TL,

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