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TÜDEMSAŞ is a company that analyzes the needs and expectations of its customers and aims to provide quality products and services within the framework of these expectations. Our country taking into account the state of the freight wagon in the railway network running, in the framework of the changing and evolving needs of the sector, giving priority to the production of new technological wagons and Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) aims to be more effective in the sector by introducing innovative products for which it has made R&D work.

N We will produce wagon around five different types of 1500 “

TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager of the leader in freight railcar production in Turkey Yildiray Koçarsl, the railway sector in our country and answered our questions about the new generation of products produced. Koçarsl that; Iz In 2016 we will produce a wagon around 5 different types of 1500 certified to TCDD according to TSI. The most important of these will be our New Generation National Freight Wagon. Bunlar

Although TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors Yıldıray Koçarlan, managed with the dynamism and enthusiasm of the private sector despite being a public institution, TÜDEMSAŞ has become a world-class company in the freight wagon sector thanks to the investments made in 2015, the arrangements in the production line, the trainings for the employees and TSI certificates. it states. Koçarslan; Thanks to our infrastructure studies in 2015, TÜDEMSAŞ will spend 2016 as a year full of success thanks to the TSI-certified wagons that we will produce in different types and specifications ”and shared the information about the 2016 vision with us.

First I want to start with the National Train. TÜDEMSAŞ took the pillar of this project, which added great excitement and mobility to the railway community. Can you give us some information about the current situation of our National Freight Wagon?
Our company, which is the project manager of the National Railway Project of the National Railway Project, which will bring our country into a country that produces and exports railway technology to the countries in need, has undergone a very serious preparation process before the project. Under the coordination of TCDD; A large number of technical personnel from the relevant departments of TCDD, Karabük and Cumhuriyet Universities and employees of our Company worked intensively for this project. Within the scope of these studies we started about two years ago; In 12 country, 17 participated in separate international event, with 64 technical staff. Initially; literature review, scientific studies, international meetings and conferences were attended. international trade fairs were followed, and the companies that design product companies, wagons and sub-components were interviewed with the manufacturers and logistics companies. After that; The concept, design and technical specifications that we have prepared during the meeting with our stakeholders in the project working group were shared with our company; Sggmrs type middle hinged, integrated (compact) brake system, H-type bogie container transport wagons were decided to be made and procurement processes were initiated.

The tender for the National Freight Wagon Sggmrs type freight wagons, which will be produced in Sivas and will also be exported abroad, was held on April 30, 2015 and the project, prototype production and certification studies started. Currently, prototypes of the H-type bogie have been produced and shipped abroad for tests to be carried out within the scope of TSI. Prototype chassis production continues. After the bogie tests, prototype chassis and bogie will be assembled and the tests of the wagons will begin. We will produce 2016 units of our national freight wagon, which will be ready for mass production in the last quarter of 2017, to TCDD in 150.

Could you tell us about the technical features of the freight wagon produced for the National Train Project?
The technical data of the national freight wagon Sggmrs type container transport wagon are as follows;

Sggmrs 90 'Type Container Transport Wagon

- Tare less than 27.500 Kg
- H type, 3 bogie
- Carrying capacity is minimum 105 000 kg
- Length approx. 29 500 mm
- Speed ​​'s' regime (Full: 100km / h, Empty: 120 km / h)
- Compact (Integrated) Brake System

Advantages of Compact Brake System:

- Up to 2 tons of tare reduction
- low noise level
- Ease of maintenance
- Ease of installation
- Closed sheltered system (maintenance-free for many years)
- Hand Brake Module being on itself etc.

Advantages of H type Bogie:

- easy to manufacture
- Production cost is low
- low tare
- Operation and maintenance costs are lower
- Compatible with compact brake system since there are no forehead beams,

Thanks to the National Freight Wagon Project, our company will have a new TSI certified bogie and a new generation wagon for export, and will have produced and put into operation a type of wagon that is not available in our country.
In your product portfolio, you have a new generation of TSI certified products that allow freight transport in the Trans European Railway (TEN) network. Could you give some information about these? How many of your products are TSI Certified and recently

Which wagons do you have to be certified according to TSI?

It is very important to be able to produce a product which is highly competitive in the national and international markets, the price-quality balance is well-adjusted and preferred by logistics companies and operators. In line with the; Europe 15 Vision “, which is the basis of the strategy foreseen for the next 2030 year in Europe in the field of railway transportation, so that companies can look at the future with confidence; innovative, environmentally friendly, low-speed, low-cost wagons are required to produce life cycle. For this purpose, instead of the conventional wagon parts in the wagons produced today, it has emerged as a result of the researches and calculations that the innovative products (elostomed bumper and draw frame, bogie with integrated brake system etc.) which have a high cost but have many advantages over the service life, should be used.

Considering these situations, we have designed and developed the new generation of freight wagons in which we have TSI certification and are currently in series production in our company;
• The Rgns type freight car is a new and different design, and the 80 is the lightest, multi-purpose freight car in Europe in its class, with different loading scenarios and 20,5 tonnage.
• Sgns-type container carriage wagon has a max. 18 is the lightest container transport wagon in Europe.
Other wagons that are in the project phase and will receive a TSI certificate in the near future are; (Talns type) It is closed ore wagon and (Zacens type) heated cistern wagon.

Thanks to the new TSI Wagon and Rgns-Sgns wagons from TSI, which will be produced in the next 3 year, and the new wagons of type 10 with TSI, will be the freight wagon center in the production and maintenance-repair of railway wagons.

The TSI certificates you receive for these new generation products open the doors of TÜDEMSAŞ to abroad. Have you started working on the foreign market for these products? Is it on the agenda that such a project is soon to be implemented?
We closely follow organizations such as conferences, seminars and fairs organized in Turkey and abroad. We believe that these organizations are very important in terms of introducing ourselves and following the developments in the sector. In the name of introducing our products and telling our goals, we will take part in all kinds of organizations related to the sector and we will be in communication with any company in the sector. We have already begun to receive positive feedback from our efforts and efforts.

If you have sufficient technical infrastructure and qualified personnel, you are confident. We have strengthened our infrastructure, and now we have the equipment and business partners to mass produce 3-4 different types of wagons to be ordered in the same year. With the work carried out by TÜDEMSAŞ, the railway subsidiary industry started to form around Sivas. Thanks to our suppliers and large and small companies involved in the sector, Sivas has become a city with a high potential in the production and maintenance-repair of freight wagons. Thanks to our stakeholder-based collaborations with our suppliers and our R&D studies, we receive various offers from abroad and evaluate them. We currently have job interviews that are at the proposal stage.

TÜDEMSAŞ is also the first company to use robots in wagon sandblasting. What would you say about the benefits of using robots? Are you planning to invest in robots in other fields?
We use robot welding technology in the manufacture of bogie and sub-components in our Wagon Production Factory. In our Wagon Repair Factory, we also perform the wagon sandblasting process with the help of robots. In the upcoming period, we plan to increase our production capacity by investing in new robots in order to produce different bogie types within the Wagon Manufacturing Plant, depending on our increasing production. In addition, our R&D studies on the use of robots at different stages of wagon manufacturing are continuing. The importance we attach to robot systems as a Public Institution is also important in terms of the public's responsibility to set an example for the private sector in large and different investments. First of all, we aim for the medium-sized industrialists in the Sivas market, more generally in the Central Anatolian Region, to see and learn about the robot system and to experience the usability of this technology in their own business.

Do you find the domestic producers operating in the sector sufficient? In your opinion, what are the problems of the sector and what steps should be taken to eliminate these problems?

Domestic manufacturers serving the railway sector are not sufficient for now. Turkey associated across the side rail of the newly begin to occur of industry and sector, in different lines of business (casting, forging, steel and other construction works) due to the shortage of experienced firms number of quality problems in products obtained from industry is experiencing. This disrupts the production schedule from time to time and causes deviations in the planned production targets. But we know are hopeful for the future dynamism and excitement of the private sector in Turkey. A strong railway subsidiary industry is needed in order to achieve the railway targets set forth in our country's 2023 Vision.
Our country is advancing towards the 2023 targets with determined and confident steps. The restructuring of TCDD will be completed within the year. With the abolition of the state monopoly in railway transportation, the volume of freight carried on our railways will increase, and our railway industry will grow even more, thanks to the new companies that will enter the sector. The share of approximately $ 75 billion in transport volume between Europe and Asia will increase day by day. As a natural consequence of this, our country will be one of the main actors in the global railway sector in the coming years and our country's area of ​​activity in the world will expand further.

At this point, TÜDEMSAŞ's most important goal in terms of our region; to further strengthen the rail side industry in our region and to turn Sivas into a freight wagon base. In order to reach the target of agon increasing the share of railway freight transport in total transportation agon among the 2023 targets of our country, there is a need for more than a thousand new freight wagons. The fact that this freight wagon needs to be met in such a short time will be possible with a strong railway industry including TÜDEMSAŞ and its supporting sub-industry.

We left the 2015 behind. What has been a year for both you and the sector in general? When you look at the whole year; What are the pros, cons, what to do and what are the achievements?

2015 was the year of preparation for TÜDEMSAŞ. The new wagons to be manufactured as of 2015 have to be produced in accordance with TSI requirements. Within the scope of TSI and ECM certification, we have almost completely renewed our production sites and technical infrastructure. We have overhauled our material stockpiles from the beginning to the end, and we have made our stock system a regular and technological one. OHS, Quality, Environment and Energy Management Systems are carried out effectively in our Company. ECM Maintenance Management System, which is necessary for maintenance, repair and revision, is about to be completed. In order to make our managerial staff more functional, we made new job definitions and prevented the accumulation of works in one unit and eliminated the agglomeration and disruptions. Despite the fact that we are a public institution, we have tried to carry out our business with the dynamism and excitement of the private sector. I believe that thanks to these innovations and arrangements we will realize in 2015, TÜDEMSAŞ will be the shining star of 2016.

How do you foresee a 2016 year? In which direction will your new investments and projects be?

In 2016 we will produce a wagon around 5 different types of 1500 certified to TCDD according to TSI. The most important of these is undoubtedly our Next Generation National Freight Wagon. There will also be different and innovative products that we produce Talns type closed ore wagon in the middle of the year 2016 see Turkey for the first time. One of Turkey's most important 3 great source of education and training center Source Technology Center, we will give up its training of welders TCDD and the private sector.

Finally; Can we get what you want to add or underline?

In our country, the railways; In the hope that as soon as possible, it can become a preferred transportation system, our railway sub-industry develops and takes place in the global railway sector and it will be the locomotive power of the country's development en

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  1. Tudemsas has not changed the new generation freight wagons 5-10-20 30-40 years ago. 2000 km speed, 2005 ton dindil pressure wagons are produced in 120 .World railroads and railway technical resources should be followed frequently. Innovations should be demanded by TCDD. to know the technology of the middle administration.