Tram Line to Caen City, France

Tramline Building to Caen, France: The Municipality of Caen City of France has approved a new bill to improve the urban rail transport network. According to the draft approved by the Municipality of Caen, 3 rail system networks will be built to facilitate urban transportation. The lines to be made according to the signed bill are planned to be completed in 2019.
The new tram lines to be built were to be built on the bus route described in 2011. However, following the feasibility studies, there will be deviations from the bus route at some points of the tramway direction. Lines to be made; The T1 line will be located between Herouville Saint Clair-Ifs Jean Vilar and the T2 line between Campus 2-Presqu'ile and the T3 line between Theater-Fleury sur Orne.
The total length of the lines to be made will be 16,8 km and the lines will contain 37 units. There will be a tram every 3 min. The total cost of the 23 trolley will be 247 million.

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