Public Transport Application TRAFI in Adana, Konya and Kayseri

Public Transport Application TRAFI in Adana, Konya and Kayseri: The rapidly growing public transport application has been made available to passengers in TRAFI, Adana, Konya and Kayseri. Thanks to TRAFI, which is completely free, users can instantly learn the most suitable public transportation alternatives with the time and fee information. Moreover, thanks to the offline mode, TRAFI can work without an internet connection.
Istanbul, 17 February 2016 TRAFI, the Lithuanian technology company operating in public transportation technologies and mobile applications, has included 3 new city with the same name. * Turkey's most admired public transportation mobile app which TRAF, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Adana after Bursa and Konya and Kayseri also began to serve. TRAFFIC offering information on how to get there by public transport users from place to place within the city, the number of cities served active in Turkey with this initiative, pulled out xnumx'y.
In the world, Brazil, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, such as the application in the application, Apple iOS and Android platforms, as well as web can be used. When users write where they want to go to TRAFI, the application lists the most suitable public transportation alternatives for them. Moreover, with the arrival time of the vehicle, the estimated time of arrival and the information of the fare.
TRAFFIC Turkey Country Director Emir Arrivals, especially that they walked carefully structuring and improvement efforts for Anatolian city: "Our goal, municipalities and our respective transportation units a great devotion to operate and they are controlling their public transport more passengers pulling the cities to contribute a little bit to the solution of the traffic load, and making cities more livable. We are contributing to the consolidation of public transport culture with TRAFI and trying to increase awareness in this area as much as we can. TR
Incoming orders for all stakeholders in the ecosystem of public transport and transport TRAFFIC's work in Turkey drew attention to the great importance: "our country, municipal and transport unions, are in a very advanced point where transport services. Adana, Konya and Kayseri cities, locomotive cities for our Anatolian expansion. We had a very serious audience in these cities who wanted to see TRAFI, and we finally made it. Bu
2014 years in Turkey, which included the implementation of the TRAF system, with an as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Brazil and route information for public transport and creating itineraries in Turkey. In the 2014 Turkey by Apple in "Best Practices" which is listed among the TRAF, while by Google "Editor's Choice" and "Best Developer" it was awarded to the statement.
The biggest feature that distinguishes TRAFI from similar applications is not only the bus in cities where it is active, but also the inclusion of other public transportation vehicles such as metro, tram, minibus, dolmuş, and ferry.
You can download TRAFI from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Konya and Kayseri from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or I It is possible to use at.

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