The reason for the train crash in Germany

📩 09/12/2018 15:56

The cause of the train accident in Germany became clear: It was certain that the train accident that occurred 1 week ago in Bad Aibling, Germany was caused by human error. It was announced that the accident was caused by the error of the signaling officer.
It became clear that the train accident that occurred a week ago near the city of Bad Aibling in the state of Bavaria in Germany was caused by human error.
Chief Prosecutor Wolfgang Giese head of the team carrying out the investigation related to the accident, said in a statement, the accident caused by the signalization officer's fault.
Giese said that the accident will not come to the case if the rules are complied with, 39 signaling officer about the age of opening an investigation was opened on charges of causing the death. The other chief prosecutor, Jürgen Branz, explained that the officer who caused the accident was not in a good condition and that he was kept in a safe place. Transport Minister Alexander Dobrind said the accident was not a technical error.
Two trains collided head-to-head in an accident on 9 February in the city of Bad Aibling in the south of Munich. 11 people died and 80 people were injured due to the accident.


  1. Poor officer! What is certain is that the error rate and the likelihood of people in technical systems is very much more! For this reason, üs HUMAN AND MACHINE en (Human and Machine / Mensch und Maschine), an engineering department in the Technical-Universities were born with the chair, institute, etc. In order to minimize the possibility of this danger, a two-person staff who supervises and supervises each other is replaced by one person. The question of what the prosecutor did not identify, or perhaps he did not want to identify, was: “Why didn't two people? Edi It is highly probable that staff savings have been made here! A known fact is thus once again proven: geri The staff savings in the wrong place will then pay back with a bit of misery!: A SITUATION TO LEARN! The automatic system can never be disabled this way!

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