Southeast Mega Project Gaziray's Tender to be Held on 11 March

Southeast's Mega Project Gaziray will be tendered on March 11: Following the Marmaray projects in Istanbul, Başkentray in Ankara and Egeray in İzmir, a mega project will be implemented in Gaziantep. The Gaziray project, whose tender will be held on March 11, will contribute to the solution of the city's transportation problem.
Turkey's transportation projects implemented around the eye kamaştırırk, continues to add new ones to these projects. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is also working on cutting speed continues to Gaziray which will be implemented in cooperation. GAZIRAY, which is an urban public transportation system in metro standards, will serve with 25 stations with a length of 17 km between Başpınar and Mustafa Yavuz, two industrial zones where passenger demand is increasing day by day.
Tender will be held on March 11
There will be a new stadium, bus terminal and new residential areas on the route connecting the small industrial site and the organized industrial site. The project, which will serve suburban arrays with all kinds of comfort, especially the air conditioning and security system, will make a significant contribution to the urban transportation of Gaziantep, whose population reaches 2 million.
In Gaziray, which will be integrated with existing and planned railway lines and other transportation modes, it is aimed to transport 100 thousand people a day in the first stage. The infrastructure and superstructure construction tender of the project will be held at Ankara TCDD General Directorate on March 11.
Completed at 2017
The line to be operated by the municipality is planned to be completed by the end of 2017.
Gaziray, which will offer a contemporary solution to the urban transportation problem of Gaziantep, where 80 percent of the population lives in the center, will increase the livability level of the city when it comes to life.

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