Railway Lover Adil Bilgin Rewarded with Thanks

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Photo: TCDD

Adal Bilgin was rewarded by Adnan Bilgi student, Adil Bilgi, who is a student of Fırat University Vocational School, due to his model and model works related to railway vehicles, TCDD 5. He was awarded with gratitude by Regional Manager Üzeyir Ülker.

Bilgin began his high school and high school internships at TCDD establishments. He started to produce locomotives and wagons, took train photographs and wandered the railway lines.

His latest work is a model of a DE24000 type locomotive which he prepared with wood burning art and a crane modeled with light crane TCDD 5. Bilgin was presented a certificate of appreciation to the Regional Directorate.

5. Regional Manager Üzeyir Ülker said in his Acknowledgment Certificate, başar Thank you for emphasizing the importance of the railway with your aesthetic and artistic value works and for contributing to the dissemination of train love.

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