The Future of Railways

The future of the railways is put on the table: UTİKAD (International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association) and Istanbul Bar Association's Logistics and Transport Law Commission, which come together in the hosting of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, will evaluate the arrangement leading to liberalization from the railways.
UTİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin will also attend the meeting as a speaker. 10 February 2016 will be held in İTO Assembly Hall on Wednesday.
The regulations that will pave the way for the liberalization of the railroads bring together the leading representatives of the sector, jurists, academics and public officials. Opening of Gürsel Ankara
start with conversations. Member of the Commission Preparing the Turkish Commercial Code Dr. Kerim ATAMER will participate in the panel with a presentation titled panel Provisions to be implemented on Railways and the Need for Reform sunum, as well as the General Directorate of Rail Regulatory Affairs and TCDD officials.
In the panel to be organized under the title of altında The Future of the Railway “; After the liberalization, the responsibilities of the parties in rail transport, the provisions to be applied to rail transport and the need for reform, the authorization of the firms in the process of liberalization of railways, the effects of the railway infrastructure service providers, operators and competition law will be discussed.

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