TCDD-Yapi Merkezi Partnership Demands Ethiopian Railway

The TCDD-Yapı Merkezi Partnership Has Obeyed The Ethiopian Railway: By the TCDD-Yapı Merkezi Partnership; The tender proposal for the operation and maintenance management of the 90 km Ethiopia / Addis-Ababa / Djibouti railway, which is planned to be completed in Ethiopia and Djibouti and where the 751,7 of the country will be carried on XNUMX.
The Chairman of the Foreign Relations Department, İbrahim Halil Çevik, and the General Director's Consultant Mehmet Turşak went to Addis Ababa / Ethiopia under the presidency of the Executive Vice Presidents Ali İhsan Uygun and Murat Kavak.
TCDD and Yapı Merkezi Partnership Partnership
With the permission of the Council of Ministers Decision, a comprehensive tender proposal was prepared by cooperating with TCDD & Yapı Merkezi to submit a bid for the tender.
A turning point in TCDD history
With this partnership, TCDD will offer the first time in its history to offer business management abroad. The delegation, consisting of the top management of the TCDD, went to Ethiopia and presented the proposal to the Ethiopian-Djibouti Rail Joint Partnership at 15 February 2016.
A Great Project Concerned by China Consortium
The tender was submitted to the China Consortium CCECC and CREC.
300 Staff Assignable.
Tender by TCDD-Yapı Merkezi partnership kazanIt is expected that 28 key personnel and more than 300 TCDD personnel who will work for different periods of time will take part in the project.

Source: TCDD

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