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Train ticket that sheds light on history: The original documents and photographs about the journey of exile and exile of the last Caliph Abdulmecid Efendi were revealed. Belgleer also has a train ticket that banishes Abdülmecid and his family
Abdülmecid Osmanoğlu (Abdülmecid II) was the last Islamic Caliph. November 18 1922, the caliph selected by vote in parliament, which ended the caliphate number 431 3 law also ended the mission in March 1924. The law also encompassed the expulsion of the Ottoman dynasty. For this reason, Abdülmecid and his family were sent into exile abroad like other Ottoman dynasties. The journey to Simplon Express (Old Orient Express) was actually a beginning of a new life for Abdulmecid and his relatives, an undetermined exile. Switzerland, France, Caliph Abdulmecid's exile life, 1944 died in Paris in the year. Hundreds of writings of this period have been written up, information has been shared, documents have been revealed. Many photographs have been moved to the public agenda. However, new archives and photographs of these periods are still emerging from various archives. With these new details, the pieces of the puzzle fit into place. The new information and documents reached by SABAH four years ago, the researcher who lost his life came out of the archives of Taha Toros. Abdülmecid's new documents and photographs about the exile together with the relatives of the train to shed light on history. The most important of these documents is the ticket of the train used by the Caliph and his family to Europe, where they were exiled. Abdülmecid and his family opened the door of a new era from the glorious palaces and a comfortable life by train. There was no clear information about when Abdulmecid and his retinue were leaving. Thanks to the seal on the ticket, the date of this journey was finalized.
The Caliph, his family and his close colleagues, who were put into a three cab from Dolmabahçe Palace, were brought to Çatalca Train Station on the way to Europe. In order not to cause any disturbance, instead of Sirkeci, Çatalca Train Station was chosen. New details about this historic journey have been reached. The ticket of the journey, as the group arrived in Hungary after the day… With this ticket we reached, it is revealed that he organized a single ticket on behalf of the group. On this train ticket, the date, the name of the city will be reached with the train, the number of people, such as the number of people filled with handwriting. on the ticket, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 11- 12, 13-14, 15-16 and 17 numbers attracts attention. These numbers are believed to belong to the seat or compartment. On the date of the ticket, 4 Mart 1924 is the same date as the ticket that was stamped on the ticket. The ticket number is 014645. Large size tickets, the lower part of the back with the world's leading hotel advertisements.
With all the comforts of living in the palaces, the family naturally left behind all their assets for a new journey. According to these new documents and information, the last Caliph and his companions have a baggage of 725 kg on this journey. The train also has the reigns of the Ottoman dynasty which also was accompanied by members of a single artist feature, two days after his journey there in Hungary, in March 6 1924 dated emerges with a charcoal study. Abdülmecid tells us about a mountainous and wooded place in this pencil drawing. While passing through Hungary, Abdülmecid took advantage of the stop of the train at a station and transferred the view to the paper with my charcoal. Caliph, the charcoal in the lower right corner of the study, "My great ancestors victoriously passed Hungary" note has fallen. When Abdülmecid and his friends arrive in Switzerland, the Bomonti family meets them. The family settles at the Büyük Alp Oteli on the shore of Lake Leman (Lake Geneva).
I've never gone through politics
A note he wrote in his own handwriting on the news about the last Caliph himself, son of Abdulaziz's son, is also among the newly released documents. In this note, Abdülmecid explains that he has never been engaged in politics and that he remains neutral.
Abdülmecid stayed at the Büyük Alp Oteli on the shore of Lake Leman and then at Nice 1924 in Nice, France, the seaside city of Nice, and completed the rest of his life in France. In another emerging photograph, Abdülmecid, his daughter Dürrüşehvar and their special pen Hüseyin Nakıp Turan walk on the shore of Nice. In the photo, the elegance of Abdülmecid and his daughter is remarkable. Meanwhile, the Dürrüşehvar, 1931 years in the world's richest rulers of Hyderabad Nizam had married the son of Azam Cahir, also remind you that marriage with Bera gets the title of princess. Another photograph from the archives is Abdülmecid's portrait. What makes this photograph special is the signature of Abdülmecid with a note he wrote in his own handwriting to the lower left of the photograph. Abdülmecid'in penned in these lines, kat Veteran such as Gazi Turhan Bey with my bourgeois days participating in the disaster my partner Hüseyin Nakip Bey I am a relic. 10 zilhicce 1342 ad includes hijri calendar information with statements.
We have obtained these historical documents and information from İstanbul Şehir University, which has an archive of researcher writer Taha Toros. Archiving to a separate emphasis on the university's Library Director Ayhan Kaygusuz, said they worked on the reigns of files in the archive in Taha Toros today, "reigns of the private secretary of the documents and information Hussein NAKIBI Gentlemen, large researchers have raised Taha Toros. When we open the files we encounter a very rich document and information. After the completion of the work of the Abdülmecid file, we are planning to open an exhibition for this period. Ab History Students and Researcher Abdullah Karaaslan'dan, with the Ottoman, we learned about the explanations of documents and photos.

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