Stockholm Metro World's Longest Art Gallery

Stockholm Metro World's Longest Art Gallery: Stockholm Metro is the world's longest art exhibition with 100 station adorned with works of art.
Stockholm Metro is the world's longest art exhibition with its 100 station decorated with art works. In the fifties, the Stockholm subway stations, which have begun to be decorated with art works, will be further strengthened by the extension of the subway, with the 10 station and two new platforms equipped with works of art. 680 artists who want to immortalize their works in the subway stations will be opened.
However, only 17 artists were selected from the artists to exhibit their works. New metro stations, each of which will have a different appearance, will be decorated with paintings, ceramics, reliefs, sculptures, trees, and crystal works of the selected artists. Cilla Ramnek, one of the artists chosen to perform his work, qualifies his election as “feeling like getting an Oscar” and thinks that he is both rewarded and has a great duty and responsibility.
The artistic project manager Marten Frumerie said that the fact that Stockholm subway stations are equipped with high artistic works is “a little” unique in the world and that art works in other subways of the world are not as common as in the Stockholm subway.

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