Stellar students are learning to ski

Yıldızelili students are learning skiing: In order to introduce students to the sport of sports in the Yıldızeli district of Sivas and to provide professional training at a young age, a ski project was initiated.

With the instructions of Alim Barut, the governor of Sivas province, the first step in the ski project was organized in order to increase the popularity of Yıldız Dağı Ski Center in the province.

A total of 80 students from the villages of Güneykaya, Sarıyar and Yusufoğlan have started their professional ski training. In the tüm Star Athletes Are Raised bulun project, which is carried out jointly by Sivas Provincial Administration and Yıldızeli District Governorship, all the needs of the students are met and taken to the ski center every day with the services. Here, students with daily 6 hours of training not only have the opportunity to meet skiing, but also learn from the professional ski instructors the finer points of skiing.
Governor Ahmet Can Pınar made a statement on the subject. Merkezi Yıldız Mountain Ski Center is a big project that will change the fate of Sivas. This project will make great progress in social, cultural and economic areas of our province. It is important to make the most of it and to promote it here. In this context, we are always ready to do our part. A ski project was prepared for our students with the instructions of our governor Mr. Alim Barut. Thanks to the project, the promotion of Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort and ski sports will be extended throughout the province and district. In addition to the professional trainings, skiing people will be provided to the people of the region at a young age and with the trainings given at a young age, skiing athletes from the region will be provided in the future. Ler
She thanked by highlighting that the students taking the ski training program were very nice.

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