SAMULAŞ Expressed the Accident on the Tram

SAMULAŞ explained about the tram's exit from the train: SAMULAŞ's tram got off the track when he was changing his scissors at the university station. The details of the accident were shared by SAMULAŞ.
Here are the details of the win:
Operated by SAMULAŞ, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System operation was solved by the technical team of SAMULAŞ technical team.
15.02.2016 is the technical glitch that occurs during the passage of 18.15, which moves during the passage of the 5516 to move to the other station in order to make the voyage in the direction of the University Station, after the passengers have landed at the University Station passenger landing platform at XNUMX Monday, point was not available. Passengers at the university station were taken from the landing platform to the tram and the flights were continued without interruption.
SAMULAŞ. After the technical repair of 2 hours of maintenance and repair teams, 19.45 repaired the technical problems in XNUMX.

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