SAMULAŞ does not keep accounts in one form

SAMULAŞ does not hold a kind of accounts in Tramway Newspaper: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, XULUM for SAMULAŞ Tramvay Newspaper. 29. 01 tender for the purchase of goods of newspaper paper worth 2014 billion Turkish Liras.
Only one bid was given to the tender which was negotiated and that bidder got the job.
Although everything seems to be normal until now, on the 29.01.2014 date, after the tender, XULUMX 06 on May 2015, the Tramway Newspaper; paper supply, printing and distribution tender. 7 bin on weekdays, the 3 bin is planned to be printed on weekends and the annual edition of the newspaper will be 2 million 103 thousand.
Hayati Kaynar joined the tender as A Gazetecilik Dağıtım Advertising Publishing Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company. Starting date 0,35, work completion date 1 So Hayati Kaynar will print and distribute the 479 trolley with the price of 800 thousand TL for 18.05.2015 for two years.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Sefer Arlı stated that the cost of Tramvay newspaper to SAMULAŞ is around 300 Thousand pounds a year, although it is free of charge. .
The two-year cost of a work of two years 600 thousand pounds of the 2 103 Thousand of two-year auction price is mind-boggling, while Tramvay Newspaper can be obtained only along the tram line, although the distribution cost does not result in the conclusion of the distribution of the job is also added to the tender.
SAMULAŞ Tramway Newspaper Due to the price of the tender, it is necessary to distribute 5 thousand pieces per day on the tram line route for two years. However, it is stated that it is not possible to distribute only one thousand pieces of 5 per day.



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