Samsun Logistics Center Project Construction works tender won Sera Yapı company

BSTB Samsun Logistics Center Project Construction works tender was won by Sera Yapı
New developments regarding the “Samsun Logistics Center Project” will be realized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (BSTB), EU and Foreign Relations Department, Regional Competition Program Coordination and Implementation Directorate.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information received by; Sera Yapı won the tender for the construction works (Reference: EuropeAid / l355I8 / IH / WKS / TR) within the scope of the project. A contract for 27.227.786 Euros was signed with the furnace that won the tender.
The financing of the project is provided by the European Union budget item no 13.05.02 and from own resources within the framework of the IPA Multi-Year Program. Within the scope of the tender; Approximately 72.000 m2 of construction work will be done. Among the works to be done, administrative building, warehouses, logistics control building, internal railway line, etc. takes place.
Reference: Investments 1249 / 07 September 2015 (GB)


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