Sakarya Starts Survey Period for Greater Public Transport

Sakarya starts the survey period in metropolitan transport: Public Transport Office Chief Fatih Pistil who explained that they will add a new one to the works that prioritize the citizen's satisfaction. In this way, we will take immediate response to requests and suggestions from our passengers. Bu
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Chairman Fatih Pistil, public transport to the maximum level of citizen satisfaction will be added to the work to add another one said. Pistil, ata We are implementing an application that will measure the satisfaction of passengers individually in the buses of the Metropolitan Municipality. Our goal is that our citizens never experienced dissatisfaction in public transport. Our work continues. In the following period, the scope of this study will be expanded İler.
Instant Solution to be Produced
Stating that they will evaluate the demands and suggestions they will receive from the passengers electronically, Pistil said, bel We will measure the satisfaction of our citizens who use the buses in the new period through surveys. We will see the requests and suggestions we receive in electronic environment, we will make immediate interventions for them. Thus, every citizen will be able to convey all kinds of requests, suggestions and complaints to us. Böylece
A Seamless City in Transportation
Pistil continued his statements as follows; Uz In accordance with the instructions we received from our Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, we consider the satisfaction of our citizens in public transportation as our most important sensitivity. In this direction, we have realized important works. We had a certain set of standards and standards for public transport. Through our educational activities, we have made communication between the driver and the passenger healthier. We will continue our innovative works for public transport. Toplu

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