The problem in the rail system will be solved by domestic production

Rail system will be solved through domestic production problem: Nineteen May University (OMU), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering within the scope of Section of the project, Turkey's used in public transport in many cities light rail in the high-speed train system with means of transport which transmits electrical energy to the means of transport and imported pantograph name abroad It was stated that the production of the given material was successful.
Project Coordinator and OMU Mechanical Engineering Department Faculty Member Asst. Assoc. Dr. In his statement to the correspondent AA, Kemal Yıldız said that they achieved success in the project prepared under the name of "Pantograph coal filling material production in rail system vehicles".
In addition to the economic benefits of the use of rail systems in public transportation, as well as its contribution to the atmosphere and environmental pollution, Star has indicated that the use of it in many cities has become widespread and gave the following information about the project:
We managed to produce the material called pantograph, which is in the system that transfers electrical energy to the transportation vehicle in rail system transportation vehicles and which is constantly worn due to friction, with domestic resources. The material, called pantograph coal, on the system that takes electrical energy from wires in rail vehicles and high-speed trains, is wearing due to constant friction. Due to environmental effects, it becomes completely unusable in 2 to 4 years. Therefore, one of these materials is imported from about 280 to 350 euros from abroad. Our country paid a large amount of foreign currency every year for this material, which seems very simple but provides the energy of the transportation vehicle. Within the scope of the project, we have developed a material that is more durable and less abrasive. ”
- “Industrialists will realize its production”
The project started 4 years ago and emphasized the need for 2 to be completed more than a year. Star said that they will use the materials they developed in light rail vehicles during this time.
The star of the material they developed is also more cost-effective, he said:
”In the first phase of the project, we provided the production of the required material. We obtained a less abrasive and more durable material at a much lower cost due to friction. However, in the first place, we will use it as filling material on pantograph coals that are used in existing rail system vehicles and wear due to friction. Thus, we will provide the system to be used longer without being changed. Thus, it will become a much more inexpensive system. The second stage covers the production of the pantograph coal material, which we developed using coal, graphite carbon and other additives, and not only as filling material, but also its production. However, our industrialists will realize this production. Two years later, we will save our country from being foreign-dependent in this regard. ”
Yıldız added that they realized such a project due to the problem experienced in the rail system vehicles used by SAMULAŞ in Samsun, but the developed material can be used in the rail system transportation vehicles in the whole country.

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