The possibility of human error in the train crash in Germany (Video)

Possibility of human error in a train accident in Germany: It was reported that the train accident that occurred in the Bavarian eyelith of Germany and 11 people died due to human error.
The accident that occurred as a result of the collision of two passenger trains in the Bad Aibling district of the Bavarian province was reported to be caused by human error. According to the news published on the website of the German Editorial Network, the accident led to the fault of a railway official. 11 people were killed in the train crash, 80 people were injured.
A police official told the French News Agency (AFP) that the cause of the accident is not yet clear and the investigation will take time. It was stated in the news that the accident caused a humanitarian error, that the automatic signal system was turned off in order to give the delayed passenger train a single rail line and a green light was given to the train coming from the opposite direction.
Tracing black boxes of trains
It was learned that the trains with a total of 150 passengers collided at a point where the oncoming train could not be seen due to the bend and at the last speed. German Transport Minister Aleksander Dobrindt said the single rail line is equipped with a modern security system that can automatically brake the unauthorized train. Dobrindt added that the exact cause of the accident could be certain after the trains 'black boxes' were examined.
Due to the inconvenience of land conditions, it took time for the assistance teams to reach the scene of the accident. 15 helicopters participated in the rescue and lifting activities to the hospital.



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