President Arslan Tells Yozgat Cable Car Project

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Mayor Arslan told Yozgat Cable Car Project: Yozgat Mayor Kazım Arslan informed the public about the fate of the cable car project that was carried on the agenda after the speech he delivered in the Provincial Advisory Board.

In his speech at the AK Party Advisory Board meeting, Mayor Kazım Arslan gave information about the projects to be implemented in 2016 and skipped the cable car project which is very important for Yozgat. Then, proj Mr. Mayor, why have you passed the auction 13585 number !? Last week, I talked about the projects we wanted to do at the Provincial Counseling Council meeting. Because I don't have any paper. We jumped there counting a lot of things. It was not appropriate to return again. But I have not given up on the cable car project. Ama

Mayor Kazım Arslan, after the speech of the Provincial Advisory Board on the agenda of the talk by the newspaper owner owner owner owner owner owner owner of the cable car project carried by Inan Soyer illuminated the public.


Yozgat Mayor Arslan, said that he certainly cares about this project. Arslan pointed out that Yozgat people have had such an expectation for years and I care about this project in terms of city view and city identity of Yozgat. It is one of the projects that must be realized. At this point, we opened a feasibility tender. What we want to do here, wherever it is done, is where to get a feasibility report. According to him, we will act according to the road map. It is a project I care about at this point. Bu


While explaining the projects to be carried out at the AK Party Provincial Advisory Council meeting, he said that he talked about memorization, jumped over the ropeway project as well as some other important projects and that it was not appropriate to go back. He jumped there counting a lot of things. It was not appropriate to return again. But I haven't given up the cable car project. I want to do it. But I want to see us. Is the feasibility report from the center of Çamlık, from the center is better than chickpeas, is it both? We need to see all that cost. At this point, we can also consider doing this from the municipality's own resources. Because it is not a cheap project, but it is not a small project in the projects we started. 9-10 is a million-dollar project. We're starting the Hal building 9-10 a million pounds project. Business park 7 is a million-dollar project, the city center's business center shops 1,5 is a million-dollar project. We made the big cinema. While 50 targets a project of millions, it is going to be a very big project in the Violet houses. At this point, if we have to be in the ropeway, we do it with our own means. We also do with the municipal resources. But first we need to see our road map. This will be realized by the tender tender. Bu

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