Metrobuses with panic button started

Metrobuses with a panic button have started: Metrobuses with a panic button, Beylikdüzü-Cevizlibegan the expedition. Thanks to the system, in case of danger, the passenger will press the button and the signal will be reached via GPS.
Metrobus, which have an “emergency button” that has been put on vehicles as a precaution against the dangers that passengers may experience, started their journeys.
Metrobus buses with "emergency button" started
At the promotional event held in Edirnekapı IETT garage, the metrobus buses with an “emergency button” were introduced to the press.

Speaking to journalists at the event, IETT Information Technologies Department Head Hasan Çelikdelen stated that IETT took action after the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology stated that it was prepared to make it obligatory to put an “emergency button” on these vehicles against violence that may occur in public transportation vehicles.

Will be activated in dangerous situations
Stating that IETT started to put “emergency button” on the vehicles as a precaution against the dangers that passengers may be exposed to, Çelikdelen continued as follows:
“Our vehicles, which currently have buttons, started working on the metrobus line. The routes of the vehicles can also be changed according to the plans. Once this application is activated and becomes mandatory in buses, it will be in all public transportation vehicles. When the panic button is pressed, our devices in the vehicles generate a signal. This signal reaches our control center. The signal is evaluated by the staff in the control center. The image of the vehicle and the 4 cameras in the vehicle are started to be transferred to our control center. At the same time, photos taken by 4 cameras, one frame per second, are transferred to our servers in the center. At the same time, camera images are constantly sent to our control center. ”

Çelikdelen told the control center that after the emergency signal is reached, the security and security forces will be informed when necessary and IETT officials will be present at the scene.
Passengers satisfied with the button
Metrobuses with panic button, Beylikdüzü-CevizliHe started the campaign on the vineyard line. Abdullah Öztürk, one of the passengers on the metrobus, said, “I liked the application very much. It is important to press this button especially in cases of theft and harassment. ”

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