Angren-Pap railway construction completed in Uzbekistan

Angren-Pap railway construction has been completed in Uzbekistan: The construction of the railway that will bypass Tajikistan and connect the Fergana Valley to other regions has been completed.
In a statement made by the Uzbekistan Railways, it was stated that the construction of the railway, which passes over the Kamchik High Mountain Pass, which is 200 meters above sea level, and connects the country's strategically important Fergana Valley to other regions.
It was noted that the cost of the 123 kilometer-long Angren-Pap railway, scheduled to be opened in April, is $ 1 million in 680 billion, and the project was completed in 2 a year.
It was emphasized that 19,1 tunnels with a length of 2 kilometers in Kamçık High Mountain Pass were also built within the scope of the project and the railway was strategically important for the country.
It is stated that in the financing of the Angren-Pap Railway Project, which will connect the Fergana Valley, where about 10 million people live in the east of the country, with other regions, the Uzbekistan Railways Administration and Uzbekistan and Development Fund as well as the loans provided by international financial institutions are used.
The official opening of the line, which is an important route in connecting China and Europe through Central Asia, is expected to be held on April 15th.
With the operation of the railway in question, there will be no need to use the territory of Tajikistan for rail transport between Uzbekistan's Fergana Valley and other parts of the country.



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