Schools Opened Metrobus Stops Filled

Schools Opened Metrobus Stops Folded: When the schools started to school after the end of the semester break, Istanbul started with heavy traffic on monday.
After the end of the school holiday, the school started its education and started with heavy traffic. Traffic at some points came to a standstill, while citizens headed to the metrobus at the stops formed long queues.
After the end of the semester, about 18 million students did the lecture today. With the start of schools in Istanbul, traffic came to a halt. At some points, long vehicle queues occurred. Due to the heavy traffic, many citizens turned to metrobuses. There was density in pedestrian overpasses. Citizens moved hard on the overpasses, while at the metrobus stops there were long tails of metrobus. Citizens reacted in the traffic response. Car drivers, “There is a traffic that sucks. It was even worse when the schools were opened. Okul

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