News of Giant Projects Does Not Fall From Agenda

Devin News of the project does not fall from the Agenda: Turkey, noting the huge project which began making in infrastructure in recent years, especially the "Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge", "Canal Istanbul", "Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge" (xnumx.köpr) and "xnumx.havalim NEW" In the last one year, there were close to a thousand news about the 3. Media Monitoring In a study conducted by a national agency, a total of 3 thousand 9 news reflects on the yapım Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge ve, which is one of the most important steps of the highway project between Istanbul and Izmir, which is on the agenda to be opened soon.
An agency, which covers nearly three thousand national, regional and local newspapers and journals, was considered as an alternative to the Bosphorus in Istanbul and it is aimed to relax the Bosphorus sea traffic lat Channel Istanbul İstanbul project written about the 2 bin 339 news published in the press. Ası Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge ”(3.Köprü), which is planned to be the solution for Istanbul's highway traffic sufferings and the end of the construction, has been reported in the press in the last one year. When it is completed, 1.655 news about the ve 3. Airport “, which was announced as one of the biggest airports in the world, was reported.

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