Mus 1. International Snow Festival held

Muş 1st International Snow Festival was held: The 1st International Snow Festival was held with the organization of the Youth Council affiliated to the Muş City Council and the Muş Tourism and Culture Youth Association. Deputy Governor Ercan Öter, Mayor Feyat Asya, public institutions chiefs, representatives of non-governmental organizations and hundreds of citizens attended the festival held at Muş Güzeldağ Ski Resort facility.

Deniz Koçmen, the President of the Youth Assembly, who made the opening speech of the 1st International Snow Festival program where various social activities and volleyball, wrestling, skiing and tug-of-war, live music and various stands were set up, thanked all participants. Stating that the Governorship of Muş and the Municipality and the young people came together to organize the 1st International Snow Festival, Deputy Governor Ercan Öter said that these festivals should become traditional.

Stating that the festival was very good and people had fun, Deputy Governor Öter said, “We started to celebrate the 1st International Snow Festival organized by our governorship and mayor. We are facing a bigger crowd than we expected, and we are very happy about that. I hope we will organize bigger festivals from now on. Indeed Mus, you can see when you count in terms of profits in Turkey as one of the most profitable area of ​​the province. This wife should be turned into entertainment and festival from now on. We need to turn the profit of Muş into profit because we need to evaluate it commercially. We have a ski center that does not have much capacity in our city. We hope to turn this into a larger and more modern ski resort with the projects of our dear Governor and turn it into a facility that can attract tourists in the future and add importance to the promotion of Muş. So this has been a success for us. I hope we celebrate our next festivals with more enthusiasm and greater participation. I thank all participants. " said.

Mayor Feyat Asya said: söyl Today is a separate day for Muş. For a long time, we have taken a short time and our wife today, our governor, with a beautiful event in a festive mood with our governor since the early hours of the morning young people, our people have filled the ski center here. Therefore, we will make the first internationally good at our festival, which has a very good popularity. We have experienced the joy of having this snow festival by having a burden of every blessing and a blessing from every queen. God willing, together with such beautiful things to be remembered by peace, beauty and peace in a province dominated by the region, to live together in the joy of living in the region, together with young people are happy and enjoy this, we are enjoying the snow. İn

Edited by 1. The International Snow Festival ended with the catering service, followed by the halay attracted by the participating citizens with live music.

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