Application that revolts in Metrobus started this morning

The application that revolted in Metrobus started this morning: Citizens who went to the last stop of Beylikdüzü TÜYAP from the intermediate stops to board the empty metrobus started to take the metrobus by paying the ticket for the second time since today, the IBB argued that this application was initiated to 'ease the density'.
Bad news for those who take the metrobus from the district of Beylikdüzü in Istanbul… Among the intermediate stops in Beylikdüzü, the citizens who could not take the metrobus due to the density in the direction of Söğütlüçeşme went to the TÜYAP station in the opposite direction and paid the empty metrobus without paying a separate fee.
IETT, starting today from a new application, coming to the TÜYAP stop the passengers coming down from the metrobus, takes off the platform. Citizens who want to come to the last stop because of the intensity in the intermediate stops, and to ride the metrobus in a more comfortable way, from now on, paying a second fee is able to pay per person.
Due to the practice that started as of this morning, the density reached its peak in the intermediate stops in Beylikdüzü. Citizens who came to TÜYAP station for the second time to take the empty metrobus reacted to the security guards who directed them out of the platform. Security officials replied to the question "Why did such an application be initiated?" "Our business made such a decision".
Lawyer Efkan Bolaç asked Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Beyazmasa, the new application of IMM on Twitter. IMM argued that it started the application in order to 'alleviate intensity'.
In the announcement of the IMM, “It is possible to reach from the first stop to the last stop on our Metrobus line with a single ticket. The mentioned application is applied to alleviate the intensity at the first stop ”.

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