Historical History Horozköy Station Building Will Find Life

Historical Horozköy Garage Building Will Find Life: The historical Horozköy Garage Building in the Yunusemre district of Manisa will be resurrected by the Yunusemre Municipality.
The historic Horozköy Garage Building in the Yunusemre district of Manisa will be revived by the Municipality of Yunusemre. In the building where the courses and activities for women will be held, children and their mothers are observed; they will have both fun and education in the wagon to be restored for themselves. The historical railway station, which is idle in Horozköy, is being prepared to become a center of attraction again after the works of Yunusemre Municipality. Yunusemre Municipality Science Works teams completed their studies in a historical building where various courses and activities will be organized for women. 24 meter wagon will be deployed in the area next to the station. The mothers who are going to be restored will be both entertained and trained.
Providing information about the project Deputy Mayor Altun Altay, the completion of the project will become the center of attraction of the region said. Altay thanked TCDD for their support and said, kullanıl We signed a protocol with TCDD about a year ago and got the right to use the Horozköy Gar building which is not currently used. It was not enough for us to get the building ready for use. Here we made the necessary arrangements by making the project work to make the center of attraction. The building in question has been restored in such a way as to allow a number of activities for women to be carried out in the restoration project. Söz
Yunusemre Deputy Mayor Altay said that they acted not only women but also children. Başkan When we do some things for women, we need to think about our children. However, it is not possible to make such an area in order not to disturb the texture in a historical structure. We requested a wagon by requesting from TCDD in order not to disturb the texture. While the car is currently waiting to be renovated; rail and sleepers in Manisa, serving the machine supply department in a very short period of time by working with the region have made the installation. When the restoration in the valley is completed, we will give a very nice activity area to both women and children. Mayor of Yunusemre We will complete a new project with Mehmet Çerçi's initiatives. Mehmet

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