Logitrans 10 Age

Logitrans 10 Age: Every year, the International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair, which is the meeting point of the logistics industry in Eurasia, will be opening its doors to 10. opening times. Arkas, Ceynak, Etis, Jungheinrich, Ant, MCCL, Neptune Lines, Omsan, Pegasus, Samsun Logistics, SGS TransitNet, Soft, Taha Cargo, THY, TransportOffice.NET, Ulukom, Ulusoy, Ulustrans, Xinerji, Yesilyurt. At the fair, the leading brands of all the rings of the supply chain will demonstrate their claims.
"We are proud of Turkey's most important specialist trade fair one of the right to organize." Said Director of International Transport Logistics Fair logitrans Single Altınay said:
, 10 logitrans has been growing with all participants, not big and small, but has become a priority promotion and marketing event not only for Turkish logistics but also for many world giants. Last year 22 220 from country to country 54 15 more than a thousand participants and visitors logitrans breaking the record for the visitors with an exhibition that proved beyond the borders of Turkey again. "
Altınay Bekar stated that the fair had already identified the participants of the fair and said, Bekar logitrans, 10. will celebrate the year with great pride with all participants and visitors. Logitrans, which values ​​and adds value to each participant, will host the various activities of the sector as usual. Her
International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair
EKO MMI Trade Fairs Ltd. Ltd. Sti by 10. Kasım International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair X will be held between 16-18 November 2016 Istanbul Fair Center 9. and 10. to be held in the halls. Logitrans, a perfect bridge between Europe and the Near East; logistics, telematics, and the broad range of products and services across the entire value chain of transport.

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