Emekci Gıdi Gıdi made his first official trip

Emekçi Gıdı Gıdı Train Made Its First Official Flight: The train, which was installed in the city in order to transport workers to the old Sümerbank Printed Fabric Factory in Aydın's Nazilli district, and known as "Gıdı Gıdı" by the public due to the noise it made, the train made its first official flight after 10 years. made.
The opening ceremony of the Gıdı Gıdi train, which was realized with the cooperation protocol of Nazilli Municipality and Adnan Menderes University, was organized by the Rector of Adnan Menderes University. Dr. Cavit Bircan, Nazilli Mayor Haluk Alıcık, Chief Public Prosecutor of Nazilli İlker Yazıcı, TCDD İzmir 3. Regional Manager Murat Bakır, Director of Nazilli Vocational School Assist. Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Özçağ, civil society organizations, muhtars, students and guests attended. After the opening speeches, the first time of the Gıdı Gıdi train, where the ribbons were cut with prayers, took a nostalgia tour with the protocol members and citizens. Nazilli Mayor Haluk Alıcık, due to his contribution to the process of the train TCDD Izmir 3. Regional Manager Murat Bakır gave a plaque of appreciation. In his opening speech, Rector of Adnan Menderes University. Dr. Cavit Bircan, eli We are working in coordination with Halil Alican, Mayor of Nazilli. We have a team of cooperation protocols. We support almost everything we get right. We have signed a cooperation protocol with regard to this Gıtı Gıdı train. This train was idle here. She was left to rot. When we told the Mayor that we should put this train back into operation, we supported our president's opinion. TCDD Izmir 3. We signed a protocol with our Regional Manager. This train started to operate. There will be initiatives for our students to benefit from this train. Bu
I We are very happy with the fact that the train called ı Gıdı Gıdi inin is going back to its old days from this day. . Our aim here is not to earn money or carry passengers. We just want to bring our history together with our people. Now our train will make nostalgia tours between the highway and Sümerbank station at a distance of about 2. We don't have any commercial earnings. Our aim is to enliven our historic Gıdı Gıtı train, whose name is immortalized with Nazilli. I support the support of ADU Rector. Dr. Cavit Bircan and TCDD Izmir 3. I would like to thank Regional Director Murat Bakır. We say that we will make Nazilli the university city at every opportunity. ADU will give us the areas it does not use on the Sumer campus. We will make new classrooms in these areas. Thus, we will have the second largest campus after METU. As Nazilli Municipality, we will continue to protect our cultural values. In the coming days, we will implement the Basma Museum together with our university Ön.



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