Konak could not narrow the tramway

Konak Tramway could not narrow the pavement: Murat Ergenç, who was a victim of the work due to the Konak tram project, was able to cancel the application. Metropolitan Municipality, the pavement arrangement Izmir 1. Will be revised in accordance with the decision of the Administrative Court.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Düzenleme Konak, Gazi Boulevard-Gaziosmanpaşa Boulevard Road and Tretroat Regulation Revision Project İzmir made. Since Alsancak Şehit Fethi Bey Street was on the Konak tram line, the application was completed with the appropriate arrangement for the tram project. However, Murat Ergenç, who has a workplace on the street, filed a lawsuit against Izmir Metropolitan Municipality against his lawyer Fatih Ülkü on the grounds that he was a victim of pavement in front of the workplace and he violated the principle of equality. Metropolitan Municipality is a tram station on the right side of the street because the current width of the pavement is preserved, the tram will be used as a one-way service road with the activation of the street, the pavement was narrowed and the parking area was determined as determined. It is claimed that the property is paid attention, public interest is observed and the case is opened with commercial concerns.
Izmir 1. Based on the expert report of the Administrative Court öngörülen Konak, Gazi Bulvarı-Gaziosmanpaşa Boulevard between the road and the project of the issue of the dispute on the area of ​​the dispute 1 / 1000 scale implementation zoning plan is contrary to the decisions, the subject shop on the façade of the martyr Fethi Bey Street side of the pavement of urbanism and the design principles and planning principles are not sufficiently wide, this width is not suitable for a healthy and safe pedestrian circulation, while a regulation can be made in such a way that the entrance of the shop can be in a level, while the height of an 1.70 centimeter between the application of the subject pavement and the base of the shop is approximately design principles, planning principles were not appropriate planlama. The court decided on the grounds of cancellation. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials have not yet been notified of the court decision, according to the judicial decision, the project can be revised.


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