Kocaeli Trees were Held, Detained

Kocaeli Trees were cuddled, were taken into custody: clad in the trees, were taken into custody In Izmit, the trees of the tram project, claiming that the trees will be cut 9 people wrapped in trees.
They hugged the trees, were taken into custody. The 9, who claimed that the trees on the tram project route would be cut in Izmit, hugged the trees. Municipal authorities, trees will not be cut, will be planted to a different place, stating that the obstacle to the work of 9 people were taken into custody. While the works of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's tramway project were continuing, those who claimed that the trees in the Mustafa Kemal Avenue of Yahya Kaptan District on the route would be cut, took action. 9 people, "My trees, touch my living space", "Trams will be cut for this road, the trees will be cut", carried the currency.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Police Officer Eyüp Deveci talked to the people in action, the trees will not be cut, dismantled to be planted in another region, he said. The people who didn't convince hugged the trees. Atilla Yüceak, a resident of the neighborhood, said, Mah They want to slaughter our trees for the tram project. We don't want to touch our trees. We will call the massacre Kat. Trees started to prune, 9 activists who want to prevent the work of police teams were taken into custody. A woman who was taken to a team vehicle between the female police officers could not keep her tears apart. An activist who was opposed was taken to a police car. Following the detention of the 9 activist, the municipal teams continued to work on pruning and removing trees. It is reported that approximately 100 tree will be removed and planted in another region.

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