30 ATTACKS from KARSAN to Manisa

Karsan attack
Karsan attack

30 Piece Attack from KARSAN to MANISA: Karsan delivered 30 8-meter ATAK bus to the city of Saruhanli in Manisa with the UM Urban Transformation in Transportation UM approach. Thus, the tı Transformation in Public Transport ”project initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa was completed in Saruhanlı. The ceremony held in Saruhanli Cumhuriyet Square; Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Halil Memiş, MASKİ General Manager Yakup Koç, Transportation Department Chairman Mümin Deniz, Saruhanlı Mayor İsmail Ceylan, MANULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Oluklu and many citizens attended. Sales Manager Kaan Erkırtay represented Karsan Pazarlama at the ceremony.

Saruhanlı'da put into service with the 30 ATAK bus citizens and the modern and comfortable transportation to reach the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, said the services will continue. President Ergün; Serving the neighborhoods of Saruhanli and Manisa city center, 117 said the vehicle was transformed into a single pool with the new public transportation lines optimization project and turned it into a 8 piece ATAK bus for low-access, handicapped access 30 meters. After the speeches, the representative key to the newly delivered ATAK buses was presented to President Ergün and to the President of Saruhanlı Motor Carriers Cooperative, Ramazan Uzundal. Karsan officials also gave a plaque to President Ergün, Head of Transportation Department Mümin Deniz and President of Saruhanlı Motor Carriers Cooperative, Ramazan Uzundal. President Ergun also thanked the new vehicles for the disabled citizens, transport vehicles renewed a means to take a comfortable breath.

Karsan branded 8 meter ATAK; high passenger capacity, low fuel consumption and modern design, high maneuverability and good handling. It is appreciated by the passengers with its low base structure, easy access kneeling system, panoramic interior design, independent suspensions and comfort. Karsan ATAK, which is the most preferred mid-size bus in its segment by municipalities, achieved a market share success in its segment as% 32 in its first year.

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