black Train

black Train
black Train

A word from the past is black train. The black train, which once came to mind when talking about passenger and freight transportation, has now been replaced by high-speed trains. Are you ready for a journey to the past with Sefa Aralan's pen? Here is Sefa Aralan's article called black train:

Where were those beautiful train journeys? Of course in the past

The most popular journey of the time was made by train. Nowadays, except for high-speed trains among certain cities, the so-called land trains are used and only short distances have been used in suburbs and cargo transportation.

Thanks to the developing technology today; modern aircraft and bus companies of the latest model comfortable vehicles, land trains have gone away. Trains have now become a means of transportation, where foreign tourists are in demand and tours are organized to make nostalgia live.

However, the train travels in those old days had a different taste.

The train you bought from the train station with the thick card-shaped tickets 1. Position, 2. The place was divided into classrooms (ie sleeping cars).

Your journeys would be a long time. Because the speed of trains could not rise above a certain speed. Therefore, if you go by bus in a day (in the old days) you would reach Ankara in two days.

1953 10 1953 in November, the great Atatürk's Ethnography Museum to participate in the ceremonies held for the transfer of the body of the memorial to the memorial to the students forming a group of five each year, we went to Ankara by train groups we formed. In XNUMX, I was a student at Samsun High School. The black train, which we boarded with our friends, first reached Sivas and then to Kayseri and then to Ankara.

We were able to continue our journey after waiting for an hour and a half to open the railway which was closed from Gemerek (Sivas). When we came together with trains from other directions in some stations, we could see the passengers inside very easily. Also the pleasure of eating in the restaurants inside the train was another.

In the compartments of the ground train of those days, there were beds by opening the special partitions on the upper side of the seats. We slept in these beds at night.

When you opened the windows of the compartments and looked out, the black smoke coming out of the train chimney and feeling the smell of coal was one of the characteristics of the journey. In certain places, I can recall as the present day, with the instruments in their hands, the knobs that opened small holes to hit the doors and say delik check the tickets ize.

Some of the trains went a little faster express. There was an expression of the Orient, which was the subject of the Taurus statement, the South Express, the Anatolian Expression and even the films. The im murder in the Orient Expression ekspres was one of the films I watched.

Today 250 km. travels with trains that go quickly, I could not forget the days of those still gone.

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