Response to Tram Project in Izmit

Response to Tram Project in Izmit: In Izmit, those who struggled not to dismantle the trees on the route of the tram project said they did not want the tram to destroy the green areas.
Yahya Kaptan Mahallesi Mustafa Kemal Street trees on the tram route is being removed, a group of neighborhood residents continue their actions. The 50 people gathered in front of the Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center do not want the tramway 'Tree killer'. 'We advocate our living spaces' when opening a banner, 'touch our tree', 'Tramvay for shopping malls?' Atilla Yüceak, one of the inhabitants of the neighborhood, said, en Yahya Kaptan, one of the city's most respected neighborhoods, does not oppose any investment in service. But with an erroneous route to increase traffic terrorism, both children's playgrounds, parking lots, green areas and trees are cut away and cut. They do it to punish and to bring people to new shopping centers. Substructures are inadequate, now a wrong route passes the tram and punish the neighborhood. They have to change this faulty project. Bu
Nedret Kır, a resident of the neighborhood who said that they are protecting the trees, said, ler We do not oppose the tram. They can't go through our gardens without asking anyone. Yahya will plunder all life areas in the Captain. We protect the trees we planted, we are protecting the front of our door, we do not need a tram ları he said.
Mehtap Öztürk, President of the Kocaeli Chamber of Environmental Engineers, said that they were against projects that were not suitable for the benefit of the public and environmental health. Proj When the first project was announced in the tram process, many non-governmental organizations prepared projects. It was submitted to the municipality, but it was ignored. We are against such projects if it is not for the benefit of the public and the environment. For these projects, we would ask city planners, architects and engineers to be consulted. We would all like to do joint projects together. Hep
The action ended after the announcement.

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