The Toll of Izmit Bay Bridge Re-Incident

The Passage of Izmit Bay Bridge Re-Incident: The debate on the transition crossing of the Gulf Crossing Bridge on the Istanbul-Izmir highway has flared again. 2 thousand 682 bridges for the 35 dollar + VAT is determined to be high, while alternative vehicles may be used as an alternative to the lower wages can be said.
made in Turkey, according to Hurriyet ongoing major projects between Istanbul-Izmir highway project has. The cost of the project, which is expected to reduce the distance between Istanbul and Izmir to 3 hours and 20 minutes, has been announced as 9 billion dollars.
One of the important steps of the project is the Gulf Transition Bridge. The total length of the bridge is 2 thousand 682 meters. In other words, the 75 floor length of the Bosphorus Bridge, with a central opening of one thousand 2,5 meters.
A third of the project was completed; As the work on the remaining parts continued, discussions on the fee for the Gulf Crossing Bridge were again flared. Social media accounts are the source of the controversy on the internet. A significant number of the authors of the dictionary said that the determined wage was high.
In order to support this view, some writers put forward a number of examples abroad, while others believe that a lower price would arise if alternative tools were used. Some of the authors of the dictionary, the bölüm most expensive service is non-service, bölüm said the evaluation of the axis.
Here are some of the assessments of the toll of the bridge under the project in the scope of build-operate-transfer model:
* tuareghan: If you want to pass your car from that line to your car, İDO 120 takes your İstanbullines 100. And especially during the holiday period, 4-5 finds the time. Now 117 that gives you 20 TL or you can cross it every minute; or 100-120 and take the ferry.
* newplanet: 117 liraya already can not get air tickets between Izmir-Istanbul?
* Orantisisempatik: If you buy a round-trip flight ticket for that money and rent a car with the money you will give to gasoline, it will be less tiring and more economical. If nobody uses it, they cannot stay at that price; they will be obliged to download. If it was our custom to react collectively, we wouldn't have a headache with these exorbitant prices or ridiculous taxes, but where ...
* sangria: 100 lira to be paid to Istanbullines is for round trip travel, highway and bridge fee is only departure. By the way, I don't get on Istanbullines or anything, I wander around the bay. Half an hour, my loss will crack, the pleasure of the money in my pocket is priceless.
* wandering samurai: Actually, this fee is for the Izmit Bay Bridge, not for the entire highway, and you can cross the same road by burning 100 lira fuel in about 1 hour in a gasoline car (which is 25 km as a road). In summary, using this bridge should be something around 30 liras at most. Otherwise, nobody uses it except those who have a lot of money and are in a hurry.
* Jabpunch: Will it be the same tariff for the motorcycle?
*xspace: The Bay Bridge shortens the road by 100 km. On the basis of fuel consumption, a vehicle with diesel or LPG consumes 20 TL of gasoline on this road. In 100 km shortening, 1 hour without traffic, 2 hours with traffic kazannags. Since the average hourly net wage is 8 lira and 30 kuruş, it costs 8.3 TL in the absence of traffic and 16.6 TL in the absence of traffic. The fee to be collected from the passenger car should not exceed 20 TL against a total saving of 16.6 TL from fuel and 40 TL from time. The needs of the economy point to this.
More money can be taken from trucks and buses. The 20 hour of the 60 tonal charge or the 1 passenger is much more valuable. However, the 117 TL for the passenger car is never compatible with the economy.
* mc43: I don't think it will be used outside of busy times like Bayram or something. There is a way to Tekirdag, for example. I think it is the best way to go to Çanakkale, Balıkesir or the northern part of Izmir (Dikili, Foça etc.). * mrgovernor: Never forget that: the most expensive service is non-service.
* tumniklerialdinizmilann: Even if no one used the bridge to the daily 30 thousand vehicles (Otoyol Inc.) has guaranteed to pay for it. 11 400 a billion-dollar auction this year and 22 4 will raise that money in this consortium for months. But the citizen will pay but the state will pay. So we're paying for all kinds.
* eledwhen: The cost of the highway will be more than 117 TL. Only the bridge toll is 134 TL. Assuming that this amount is calculated with the current dollar rate, the entire highway will be completed in 2018, and that the person departing from Gebze will pay the longest highway fee before the bridge before going to Izmir, the highway fee between Istanbul and Izmir will be approximately 180 to 200 TL. . ”
* preferred: The price of a round-trip flight ticket is cheaper than this. If this route is used, the plane will cost less than half.
* zoppun: If the 50 is more than the liras, the bridge will not work and the operation will be bankrupt. But the state does not pass any vehicles to the 117 TL will give the mandatory direction for buses and trucks and traders. Maybe you can save the bull by force. I think the price arrangement should be:
Motorcycle 25 TL
Cars: 50
Minubus-midibus: 80 TL
Bus, truck, Truck: 150 TL
* Surgunsehr: Bay to facilitate the transition and bridge tolls is made to reduce the time. If you don't, you don't pay, if you knowingly and willingly pay, you pay so much philosophy, friend? My time is valuable, I don't want to go by plane, I will pay for the service I received when the bridge is finished. Why does the money I pay you back? You go around the Gulf, I'll cross the bridge, meet in Yalova and have tea.
Aydın Aydın, the President of the Consumer Problems Association, believes that the wages are high. Ağaoğlu also stated that if the wage set as consumer associations cannot be reduced, they can take action decision. En This fee must be reduced. The state has to provide a safe and comfortable service. It's a constitutional right. Until today, how to go to the road of retreating the way to go again. The state should be encouraging here. However, this charge is quite high. The state remains in a more difficult situation when the price is high and when we have calls for consumers. Companies providing this service should not pursue exorbitant profit. In the end, it becomes a monopoly. Because there is no second bridge for the same road. Çünkü

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