Izmir's two world heritage sites will be connected with İZBAN

İzmir's two world heritage sites will be connected with İZBAN: Minister Yıldırım said that UNESCO's world heritage list will connect Bergama and Selçuk with İZBAN.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication and AK Party İzmir Deputy Binali Yildirim said that Izmir and Izmir will connect Bergama and Selcuk with the big town of 2, which is accepted as a heritage in UNESCO.
'Our eyes over Izmir'
Evaluating the agenda of a television program and projects related to Izmir Lightning, "Our eyes over Izmir. Projects in Izmir will continue without interruption. Road projects and railway uzat Izmir-Ankara high-speed train continues, Istanbul-Izmir Motorway continues, We have extended the Environment Road to Menemen, Menemen to Çandarlı will extend,… he said.
Yildirim said that they extended İZBAN to Torbalı, akt We were going to open Saturday, but we were going to Kazakhstan with our Prime Minister and it was next week. İZBAN is an example project of the municipality and the government. It is one of the rare projects jointly carried out by an opposition municipality and power. As long as the people of İzmir made this project so that it can be comfortable, it does not go well. We extend the line, extended to Torbalı, from there to Selçuk, we will extend to Bergama. When it is finished, we will connect the big town of Bergama and Selcuk together. 2 is the longest commuter line in the world with kilometers konu.
Highway construction is under way
Yıldırım also touched upon the ongoing İzmir-İstanbul Motorway project. 'From Izmir to Istanbul, the gulf bridge is the world's 4. The big bridge will be ready at the end of April. Until Bursa, Gemlik will be opened until the end of the year will reach Bursa. Manisa-Bursa will be opened at 2018 and Manisa-Izmir will be opened at the end of this year. X

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