IZBAN will fly to Bergama

İZBAN will fly Bergama: Transport, Maritime and Communication Minister Binali Yıldırım's announcement that İZBAN will be extended to Bergama this year was welcomed with joy and excitement in the district. Fikret Ürper, Chairman of Bergama Chamber of Commerce, stated that the district economy will develop with the activation of İZBAN and said, "İZBAN will fly the trade in Bergama". Drawing attention to the fact that connecting Bergama and İzmir with each other is of great importance in terms of district trade, Ürper said, “The consumer who shoppers from Bergama will reach İzmir more easily. He will be able to shop easily from Izmir. This will require Bergama tradesmen to compete with the tradesmen in Izmir, ”he said. Saying that competition will benefit the consumer and at the same time enable the district tradesmen to develop themselves, Ürper said, “With the competition to be formed, Bergama tradesmen will have to improve themselves in order not to lose the consumer to İzmir. İZBAN will fly the trade in Bergama ”.
"It will bring vitality"
Ürper said that with the opening of the line, an unbreakable integrity between İzmir and Bergama will be ensured, “With the arrival of İZBAN to Bergama, our communication and social ties with the Metropolitan we are connected to will increase further. It is true that it will bring vitality to Bergama in terms of tourism and trade. We expect İZBAN to reach Bergama and we support this project to the end. He explained that anyone who thinks about the future of Bergama cannot be against this project ”.

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