İZBAN Torbalı line will open when

İZBAN Torbalı line will be opened when: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, which is one of the transportation projects he brought up during the local elections, 6 had promised for the tram.
Paying special attention to the transportation projects within the investment budgets, the Chairman stated that previously the İZBAN line will extend to Bergama (52 km) in the north and to Selçuk (56 km) in the south. In fact, and even the President of TCDD coordinated with the work of Izmir, which is inevitable for Izmir in the Torbali line opens on Saturday. In the same election activities President Kocaoglu also announced the new rail system lines, Fahrettin Altay-Narlidere Istahkam metro line (8.5 km), Narlidere Iskim-Urla IYTE (30 km), Üçyol-Buca Tinaztepe Campus (9.5), Halkapinar-Otogar metro line ( 4.5 km) Evka 3-Bornova Center has been given the good news about the lines.
The necessary arrangements for most of them, the project tenders are either made or will be made.
Let's go to the 6 tram line Gel
13 km with the Konak tram Karşıyaka work began on the tram. And even the work is progressing above the expected speed. The lines will be completed and offered to the people of Izmir within the specified time. The President of the Sirinyer-Tınaztepe (4.9 km) tram line mentioned the problem with the Ministry of Transport in April and apologized to the Bucalans and stated that they would start the construction works as soon as possible. Izmir's 3. yet waiting for the tram line. We also have two tram projects under the name of Fevzipaşa Boulevard-Yenişehir Hospitals-Fatih Street-Halkapınar Transfer Center (5.5 km) and Bornova Merkez-Bayraklı Courthouse (Bornova tram 4.5 km). The steps are related to Konak and Karşıyaka trams are expected to be discarded.
The most important point that interests me is 6. tram project af Starting from Alsancak silos and coming from Kordon to Cumhuriyet Square, the nostalgic tram will run at a distance of 2.2 km. The project, which will show that the city has different excitement for the cruise tourist, is a continuation of the project of taking the Alsancak Station to the underground. Da Kordon, one of the easiest tram projects in the world, has not yet taken a clear step for the tram.
Look am I don't understand trade. But there is a visible fact that 2 will hit your head on the walls after years.
We don't have a single thing that could attract a tourist in the center of Izmir. If we cannot save Kemeralti, Kadifekale and Agora and create an axle, we cannot save Basmane houses, open new squares and decorate them with nostalgic tram lines and do all this while we cannot stand with the material and spiritual power behind the municipality. And that's what's going.
Now I go out to reconstruct the old Kordon houses in front of the concrete piles in Kordon, let's take the road in front of the Alsancak Station to the underground, let's organize festivals in the middle of the historical buildings on it, but I know that Izmir is not ready.

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