İZBAN does not pay line maintenance usage fee to TCDD

İZBAN, TCDD does not pay line maintenance usage fee: AK Party Izmir deputy Kaya, the Secretary General of the CHP, for the sake of opposition, distorting the facts said that misleading the public
TCDD, which was given the i World's Best Collaboration al award by the International Union of Public Transporters, and the deputy secretary of the CHP and Izmir deputy Kamil Okyay Sındır related to İZBAN in partnership with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, AK Party İzmir Deputy Mahmut Atilla Kaya gave a strong reply. Minister Binali Yildirim, "If the aforementioned in question, the legacy of the legacy of the principle that they are based on themselves, but Kamil Okyay SEID and CHP for those who do not see the situation is not the case," he said. he was dagging behind his back arkad. Mr. Sındır stated that kadar İzmir Metropolitan Municipality pays 30 million liras every year as' cost of rent for TCDD T and it does not reflect the truth. Kaya, N The cost of line maintenance usage which should be paid to TCDD by İZBAN has not been paid so far. As it has not been paid, the total amount of 14 million TL from the İZBAN income has been cut by the municipality company.
The claims made by the CHP people at every opportunity, the contribution of TCDD to the realization of the İZBAN suburban system is insufficient. TCDD electrification, signaling, station construction and 322 million-dollar investment as the cost of expropriation, 2006-2015 years between 117,5 million pounds of cash capital transfer has been made, T he said. Kaya said that this statement clearly shows that the allegations of Sındır are incompatible with the reality. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun Kamil Okyay a while ago, Ok Bornova Municipality did not manage well. That's why he was not nominated. Ç Kaya said that the Secretary General of the CHP CH made himself ridiculous by the lies he said. Bu

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